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  1. Hello Callum. I totally forgot to update in a while so I just updated to 1.10.19 and I have not yet experienced any problems…yet looks promising. 🙂
  2. Hello C, Thank you for your time. I am using version 1.9.7 and the issue only appears with the Apple Pencil.
  3. Hello, Lately I am having very much difficulty to copy/duplicate objects by a double finger on the screen and trying to duplicate by dragging another object out. It’s especially difficult with a group of objects but also with a single object. Most of the time only the second attempt works. I haven’t changed anything. The paper like screen protector is on my screen for 2 years now never had issues with it. I have added a short movie of the issue. Any idea what could cause this? thank you very much in advance! 3AAEFBA2-8077-44C0-A796-F6FC039B220D.MOV
  4. Hello Callum, Thank you for your time! ‘Merge curves’ does give a lot better result as you can see in the process video. only one part the lines are double as you can see on the picture. i don’t know why because it’s an exact copy of the lower part of the artwork. Since the lower part turned out good I split the curves and copied the lower part and joined the lines again. So unfortunately still had quite some work to fix it, but it worked and now I am able to use the appearance panel and give the lines multiple outlines. no need to use the contour tool in this case. Any other tips for me how I can do this easer on the next project? IMG_5249.MP4
  5. Hello, I have made a somewhat complicated shape in Affinity Designer on the iPad in black. i did Expand stroke on the thin black lines I made. I want to use the contour tool on it so I can have multiple outlines. To be able to use that I need all the shapes to be 1 compound. So first I ungrouped all the items, than I select all and I select ADD at the Boolean functions. But I get very unexpected results. How can I fix this? So in the end the green will be one shape with an outline behind the black thin lines? I hope anybody can help me with this. thanks IMG_5227.MP4
  6. Hello, I really enjoy designing in vector in AD on my iPad. Unfortunately for a client i need to provide an AI Adobe Illustrator file. I tried exporting in EPS, SVG and PDF but with all 3 options i have unexpected results. The main issue is line width. So i ungrouped everything, and than selected everything, and than pressed - expand stroke - . At this action Affinity Designer instantly crashes. I also tried this in Affinity on my Macbook, same result. What is the best way to solve this or export to AI? thank you so much in advance.
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