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  1. Hi, thank you for your replies. Yes, there is something strange about New Stacks behaviour. I think for now I will bring images in individually and use Copy & Paste to create my own Layer "stack", not ideal but at least I will retain the 300DPI resolution. Ian
  2. Hi Whenever I bring a set of images into Affinity Photo using New Stack, my 300DPI images automatically become 96DPI. Is there any way I can keep the original DPI when using New Stack as having to manually change them in Resize Document is time consuming. I have tried the various options within the New Stack dialogue box but alas no luck, they always end up at 96DPI... Many thanks in advance, Ian
  3. Hi Psenda Thanks for your advice, I agree Help is the way forward. I should have studied Help in more detail at the time, best regards, Ian
  4. Dear Gnobelix and The Moderator Team I can't thank you enough for your rapid answers. I had clicked on nearly all the surrounding icons (especially the one with the "+" ) but missed the one you suggested, typical.... Your help is greatly appreciated, best regards, Ian
  5. Hi I need to draw two or three shapes with the Pen Tool that I can then use as a Mask on one image. The problem I have is every time I close the first Path, as soon as I start making the second it creates a second Curve Layer. How do I continue drawing a second shape with the Pen Tool on the same Curve Layer once a Path has been closed? Hoping you can help, many thanks.
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