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  1. Hello! I had a similar problem. If you have a publisher, select the text box and Designer / File / Edit in Publisher ... Here you have the option to change the color. After that you come back to Designer again and everything is fine! :-)
  2. Gradients: i don't like them. But sometimes I have to use them. I had a job (with gradient) a couple of months ago. If I exported PDF and EPS, I was able to edit the gradients in Illustrator. Now, after the update, the illustrator only opens the gradient as an image for another work. I took back the job that had gone before. Didn't that work well now? Has anything changed? I only work with Designer, but I also have to check the work in illustrator because whoever I send the finished graphics to uses illustrator.
  3. Hello! I am a beginner in affinity photo. What I miss at first is that I don’t see the selected foreground and background colors (Like PS). Secondly, what I miss is that I don’t see the menu item where I can switch colors (like PS Image mode). For example RGB, CMYK, Gray, etc... I can display these info/menu?
  4. I have been practicing for 2-3 weeks. There are good tools in it. But it's really very different from illustrator. I try to practice with him a lot. Once I lose my job, I won’t be able to just buy this. I want to be ready by then. I look forward to updates. :-)
  5. It would be helpful to be able to give the thickness of the donut not only in percent but also in millimeters..
  6. By the way, it would be helpful to be able to give the thickness of the donut not only in percent but also in millimeters.
  7. Dear Dominic! Thank you for your tips! I tried and it is works. :-) @3 I hope to have a "sticky" donut one day.
  8. OK. My first question have an answer. :-) My old routine. In Illustrator if a change the selection tool to direct selection tool, all points of the actual object keep active. Therefore i can move the object with a corner/middle point selection to snapping. In the Affinity Designer if i change move tool to noodle tool, the points of the active objects are inactive. Therefore i need to select all point first. This is a plus step. :-)
  9. I am a new Affinity Designer user. I use Illustrator since 20 years. In the last week i tried the Designer features. My productivity is most disturbed by differences in selections and snap functions.I work with grids most often and every point is in a calculated place. But what I don't know is because I'm a beginner here. so now I am looking for the answer to these questions. (I have attached a sample of the attempt) 1. How can i move any type of object with one point (corner/middle/centre, etc) selection? 2. How can i select a background object in a donout inside? 3. Can i snap the donout inside point to the grid? Thank you! Selection.afdesign
  10. Yes. If the Affinity document resolution is 72 DPI, then the size will be same in both program. Try it without export, use the clipboard to check.
  11. Hello! Thank you for your idea! I know the intersect is work better, but if I use this I lose the other lines. I like this program, but i would like the program not to be about always looking for secondary solutions. On the other side, it has been working well since twenty years. These basic operations are the foundations of everything. They must operate safely and invisibly.
  12. I have three circle. I want to make a simple shield shape with the divide function. The result too many points on the top os the shield. Why? It is a basic task. I think it is not normal result!!! I work with the Designer since a week. This problem is very big for me. There is not "Illustrator shape builder" same function -> OK. But this feature does not work either!?
  13. I really miss a Color Theme panel. Maybe color schemer webpages could be integrated. Or maybe you could integrate other users' shared palettes.
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