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  1. Hi, Please can someone help, I have made a simple button, but when I export this I get the white space in the background. I have tried slicing but that dosent work. I just need the border, the about and the white space in the box. Can anyone offer guidance please? Thanks
  2. Thank you all for the feedback. I will start playing around with water effects and looking at images of real reflections. Hopefully I can share somd Info along the way. I might try using gimp for small adjustments if they have peeling noise.
  3. Thanks for this Garry. I never thought about nesting layers until now. This will help moving forward!
  4. I built this with no real effort to see how I can improve on reflection, does anyone have any tips please, it would be greatly appreciated. I have used the blur but lack the knowledge to improve on it. Thanks Thanks
  5. This is very good work. You definitely need a good eye for logo design. This looks clean and very well designed.
  6. Thanks buddy. Yeah i think there is a slight offset, I think it was just the way I aligned it (not very well. That reflection is a nightmare, my layers got all mixed up and I had groups all over the place. It started off organised but it got a bit cluttered and my pc was going so slow during editing when i got to the reflection stage so i left as be. Think I need to ensure I name everything so it makes it easier to navigate
  7. Hi added more detail and learned some new skills along the way. Still much to learn!
  8. Thank you all very much for the kind words and good feed back!. I have taken on your suggestions and looking forward to making another city! Its very addicting learning about whats possible!
  9. Hi All, I know this is not great, but its my first ever creation with affinity designer. I am the worst artist, never really done anything like this before. I used the affinity designer book and following along with things, put my own spin on it. I feel y proud!
  10. Hi all, Thanks for all your help. Its all good. I managed to figure it out. Gradients are pretty cool! Love affinity, such a great tool.
  11. Hi, Thank you for the reply and I appreciate the help. It seems to have worked well! Not sure if each circle needs to have a gradient, but its the only way I have found that works.
  12. Ok thanks for this, I have reposted with the correct guidelines this time.
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