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  1. pretty much what I thought but never go the message. repair did nothing. deleted everything and reinstalled still love the program. only some minor grievances that would make it the way it should be I have all three programs and Davinci Resolve. No longer on Adobe
  2. just curious. did an update on AF Photo and it would no longer load/run. Went into the programs files and and the folder was there but no files. Now having to reload from scratch is it just me ?
  3. 78 deluxe can I ask if there is anything worthwhile buy buying the full packs. The free laser laser lights may be limited to just a few styles (teasers) but they all can be modified in the effects tab.
  4. thanks Walt that is exactly what I needed. Ctrl Shift W toggles this. Then I found the Preview button up the top. it is hard finding everything after adobe products that I getting away from as many others are
  5. not sure if this is too late but I am also trying to adjust the gaps between paragraphs whether they are single lines or multiple lines to space things in documents. Leading is great to adjust line spacing but it affects the paragraph as well. I need line spacing to stay the same but just to adjust the gaps between the paragraphs. Took some hunting but I found under PARAGRAPH / SPACING an adjustment that fits my needs perfectly. This may be of help to you
  6. Thanks Murfee. I am new to Affinity coming away from the overbearing software from you know who. So I am still trying to find my way around. I mainly make technical PDFs and like to see it cleanly on the screen. The view tool removes all the box boundaries and misspelled word underlines (I am an Aussie and spell the correct english way, not US spelling, and can't be bothered adding all the words). The hint you gave me works well, many thanks again, and I also lowered the bleed to zero to remove this as well. Now if only I can get rid of the blue margin line. But I can live with that. Still finding my way around the whole suite but quite impressed with what they have achieved. A few weird things but I will get there
  7. Are you serious you have no idea?. Obviously you do not know the differences. Aphoto is for editing photos. Adesigner is for drawing. Simple but not quite. I tend to draw and edit in Aphoto but the files are bitmap files. Try blowing these up to twice its original size and beyond and see the graininess and staircasing on the lines as the pixels just get bigger. Adesigner on the other hand is vector based giving you freedom to resize as small or large as you like and it will still look perfect if the file is done correctly. For example if you ever design a logo for a company using Aphoto you better make the original as large as it will ever be as it cannot easily be made larger, whereas a vector based graphic made to suit a typical A4 document can resized to the size of building and the graphic will retain the perfect lines and shapes with no degradation to quality. Does that help ?
  8. try putting a price in overwriting the default. I typed a "0" (no quote marks, just the zero on the keypad) and it worked for me
  9. Just a thought if this is possible in a future upgrade. Can the view tool show just the page with all the boxing lines etc removed. Currently is does not remove anything outside the page extremities. This leaves an unsightly looking page as I often have graphics which are not fully on the actual working page and would love to view it as it really is. For the moment I export the page to see it correctly.
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