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  1. Thank you, I will try it when I get home. I have not use any Affinity software because of the issue, I hope it works for me too.
  2. I'm also still waiting for a solution, I posted the video and no answer. 😞
  3. Ebay icon came with the computer, I have never clicked on it, it was easier to use the smartphone because after I open Affinity I have to do a restart so everything is OK again. So I'm using the phone to write here.
  4. Of course, here it is. I show how everything is alright and what happens when I open Affinity. VID_20200329_203721.mp4
  5. This is exactly the problem I have. The thing is that I first tried to solve it doing a big update of windows 10,to the 1909 Version, so I don't have those updates anymore to delete, everything is new, and before the update was also not working. The moment Affinity Photo loads the fonts, all the text in the Windows UI disappears and only comes back when I restart the computer. The program causes a conflict with the use of fonts and I don't know how to fix it. Can someone please help me?
  6. I already did the windows fixes but is not the same case, my text is there all the time until I open Affinity, then is back after a restart. It may be a driver but I don't know which driver that Affinity uses can make this happen.
  7. I just bought the software yesterday, and when I open the program, almost all the text disappears. Text showing programs, folders or files is gone, I just get icons, which means I can't open any photo or navigate. And it doesn't get fix until I restart Windows. I close Affinity and the text is still gone. Just a restart works. I deleted the font cache and nothing, same thing keeps happening. I use other graphic design programs and nothing like this has ever happened. What could be the problem?
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