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  1. Ahhhh! That worked. The font is much more crisp. Thank you very much! I do see that Photo just has a very slight different font size for the UI as compare to Designer. Still, thanks for the great tip!!!
  2. Hi all, on my iMac (retina) I am encountering the issue of slight blurriness in the UI font. I have another iMac (non-retina) that is from early 2009. Photo seems to display fine there. While there seems to be an issue on my retina iMac, it's not so much that cannot do work. I just wanted to point it out. Designer (second screenshot) displays fine on this retina iMac.
  3. I don't have another monitor that is retina but I do have another iMac (24 inch early 2009) that is running Affinity Photo(1.8.2). I just updated the application. The UI seems fine to me on that older iMac. Very sorry about posting here. I googled and one of the results led me to this page. I will post in that topic area. I am running the Photo (1.8.2) on both machines. While there seems to be an issue going on. It's not so much that I cannot get work done.
  4. Hi all! I'm following this post and reading that the issue was related to non-retinas? Well Im on a retina and the ui seems ever so slightly enlarged/blurred. Definitely no issue with Designer.
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