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  1. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I think this is a job for a professional and I'll learn how to do it for the next time I need to send something to be cut out!
  2. Ah ok thanks, I'm a newbie to this software so have absolutely no idea how to do what you just suggested! Is it a simple process?
  3. Thanks to all. I'll try with the suggested export settings above. I think the 2D version looks dated? BUt if the 3D doesn't work now, we'll have to go with the flat one! Thanks again.
  4. Yes! See attached files, thanks. East of Eden Logo 3D.afdesign East of Eden Logo 3D_EPS.afdesign East of Eden Logo 3D_PDF.pdf
  5. Could anyone give me any insight into why an EPS file I sent to a printer - for van graphics - only shows the graphics in blocks, rather than individual vector images? They need to put the print through a cutting machine and currently the edges are blurred. I have tried sending a pdf, png and straight AF files and none appear to be working. Any ideas what I need to export into in order for the images to be sharp/vector? Thanks.
  6. I've tried drawing in real size and then holding sift while dragging to resize but this isn't accurate and you cant see the shape outside of the 'page' and I cant seem to make an unlimited page? Also tried using the transform section but nothing works and I've searched the help area. No luck. Any ideas?
  7. Hi - does anyone have any idea how I might draw a plan in 'real size' and scale it down to 1:50 or 1:100 for example? I'm pretty sure Affinity can't do this yet but just thought I'd ask if anyone had found a way? Many thanks 🙂
  8. I can export as a jpeg (as the tutorial suggests) but when I try to then import the newly created brush image, my file box only shows PNG's, any idea why or what I might be doing wrong?
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