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  1. @jmwellborn Hi again, Unfortunately, neither by the affinity store, nor by the Mac App Store (this one recommanded by Affinity), it has been possible to get AFP for my iPad 10,5 pro. A friendly Mr Steven asked me - yesterday - what kind of device I’m using to buy AFP ... - A strange question after all I tried to explain ... I’m still waiting for an answer ... Thanks again for your message, and best greetings. FF
  2. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve been in the forums, and certainly did something wrong with the different logins. Tomorrow I’ll try once more to buy it. Btw: I don’t know why one has to use these different logins ... IMHO very complicated for newbies. Best Ffr
  3. Hello, Thanks for your feedback and your explanations. Concerning the choice of the language, I clicked, coming from your French page, on « Français » mentioned near « Anglais » ... Willing to buy AP for my ipad, I tried - three times - « achat », and each time I came to an info telling to continue with the fingerprint. So did I, and I heard a short sound, but nothing happened ! ... So, I stopped looking for buying AP for iPad pro.. Thanks for your (?) understanding. FFrancois
  4. Several problems wasting a lot of precious time !!! First, I don’t get my language (French) in signing up to write in the forums ! After hours of studying your site(s), impossible to find the solution ! I decided to delete my account, or how to do ??? All these troubles started yesterday when I wanted to get A-photo for my ipad 10,5 pro, and to-day, still impossible to buy and to get AP ... Signing in, it did’nt work at 90 % .. Unfortunately it seems that there is solely one solution : going back from where I’m coming ... from Adobe. Thanks for any feedback. FF
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