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  1. I just purchased Affinity Designer for my new IPAD - I am going through some training and I am at a point that shows how to make a rectangle - then it says click on the anchor button and your rectangle will rotate depending on what anchor you have chosen to highlight. Mine just rotates in a circle no matter which node I click (highlight) on the anchor tool? Can anyone help with this? Thank you
  2. Hello - I am looking for a good drawing pen and tablet. to use with my Affinity Designer - does anyone have one that they reccomend?
  3. Awesome - so what am I using for drawing my line? Then add any brush stroke? Going to try this now - appreciate it! Have an amazing day
  4. ha still doing it wrong - do you duplicate after expanding? - not working for me - thank you - will try again in a bit - giving myself a headache
  5. Can I ask you one more question - how did you subtract the lines within the stethoscope handles? I found how to subtract a shape from a shape - but can't find how to subtract from a vector paintbrush line. No problem if it is too much to explain - just thought I would ask in case it was something simple.
  6. How do you subtract from within a line? I am trying to draw a line with the vector brush tool - adding a thinner one on top - and I don't get the option to subtract - can you subtract from within a line? Thank you
  7. Awww you did fix it for me THANK YOU! 🙏 Have an amazing weekend - stay safe! Now back to the drawing board 😊
  8. MattP THANK YOU! OK so - I am clueless for sure and totally appreciate the help - did you fix my svg? If so AMAZING - still clueless as to what I did different. I did use the vector brush tool for the first part ( thought I did with the second) (Are you able to tell what I used for the second side if it wasn't the Vector Brush Tool?) I thought I used the vector brush for the whole thing - obviously not - I am not sure what the heck I did LOL - I haven't learned how to remove parts of the picture by cutting them yet - I did just get my book and am taking a lesson on UDEMY - but to be truthful I am a hands on person and having trouble grasping things - probably my age LOL. This forum is awesome and again I appreciate your help (even if I am clueless)
  9. Hi Matt Appreciate the input. I know cricut cuts like that but I am confused as to why half my lines are thick and then have transfer so skinny when they are shown in Affinity as being the same size - Does it have to do with using a pen or pencil or being a curve - I was so excited when I was able to show her and then when I transferred it - ugh it looks like my last photo I also want to be able to export as SVGs even to sell - but that can happen if it downloads like this - frustrating as I have no clue why my first line worked and the second didn't
  10. Hey can anyone help? I am trying to create an SVG for my daughter - I drew it out and when I export it as an SVG / PNG or Jpeg half the lines look correct and half look wrong attaching the photo to see if anyone can tell what I did OY The first two are how they look in affinity - the third picture is after I have exported it and try to make it on my cricut any thoughts or ideas whatI am doing wrong? massnurseUntitled.afdesign massnurseUntitled.svg IMG_5879.HEIC
  11. YAY that was the problem - appreciate the help - SOOOOOO.... much! Have a great day! Terri
  12. Thank you MEB going to go try that now - question - what is the respective input field
  13. I am having a hard time adding the 3D to my text - could there be something that is blocking it from adding it? I added a font - added a metallic overlay - nested it inside. I clicked on the affect tab and clicked 3-d - (the FX did show up) didn't see much of a change at all - the program I am following said to go to the little cog shape on the right - I clicked on the cog shape and then clicked on the panel - on the program it changed to look amazing and a huge 3d effect. - nothing on mine. I don't know if somehow it is blocked - new at this and technologically challenged - would appreciate any help anyone could offer. Including my video incase that helps. Thank you! https://www.loom.com/share/7db679742ac14c3498a91c515e189851
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