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  1. OK Mad99. I also use Libreoffice and the "Write" software is the equivalent to Microsoft Word. This is open source software and free and you can create fillable forms from that. There is a learning curve of course but you can do check boxes, text boxes etc. If Serif are either to slow, to react to an obvious update, can't, or won't update Publisher to do what a desk top publisher should do then there are alternatives out there.
  2. Peter, as far as I can tell recent updates to Affinity Publisher DON'T include the facility for fillable PDF forms. A retrograde step I know, but you can create fillable PDF forms using Serif Page Plus, the software that Affinity Publisher replaced and should have been an improvement. I find myself reverting back to Page Plus more and more as (sadly) I find that is more versatile software than Affinity Publisher.
  3. Does anybody from Serif watch these posts as I haven't seen any reply (either positive negative or maybe) I wouldn't like to think that this was just a sounding board that went nowhere. Yes "Charlesxix" I do remember Page Plus, still use it as well as Publisher.
  4. To be able to create a fillable PDF form would be 1st class. The Java script referred to by Raphie would not necessarily suit everybody, myself included. But to be able to fully format PDF fields would be an excellent update.
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