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  1. Dear Affinity, This is now driving me mad. I am so close to dropping this software and going back to InDesign. Yes, I know that will cost me £25pm, but it's worth every penny if you can't fix this b*****d bug. After an eight hour shift with it flipping between windows whenever I press a fecking key I swear it's going to be uninstalled by the end of the week. Yours in utter frustration, Stuart Bingham. AAAGGHHHHHHHHHHH.......
  2. Thank you. I was in the middle of trying to sort out a screen recording but I'll give it a miss if you on to it. Thanks for the great software.
  3. Well that's interesting. I'm using three templates that need pretty much identical content, so open all three files, fill in one text box and them cut and paste to the next box. I have all three documents open in different windows. Whichever way I open the files as soon as I hit any key on the keyboard the character is entered in the text box and then Publishers jumps to last document that was opened. It's really irritating. However, if I do as you suggest and have the documents open in the same window, publisher doesn't jump around. It's a different way of working, but at least I can type in all three documents. Many thanks for your help.
  4. A new bug in 1.8.2 When I open three files to edit at the same time, every time I press a key on the keyboard the action takes place but Publisher immediately jumps back to the first file I started editing. Any body know if this is a bug or a setting thing?
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