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  1. Hey guys! My name is Michael. I would like to report an incredibly frustrating issue with your app that I am most certain you are probably aware of already. I am currently using your app on IPad Pro 10.5 inch to make LUTS for my video editing on LumaFusion and other apps. After watching a tutorial by a YouTuber on creating custom LUTS and Filters using Affinity Photo I got super excited because the possibilities are pretty much limitless! I mean really, awesome. Your app is amazing. HOWEVER… After creating a couple LUTS and attempting to save them and move them to my video editing apps I found that they were all grayed out and impossible to use. No matter what I did. I converted to every possible format. After hours of reverting to my admirable at best investigative skills, and then taking a nap, it came to me in a dream what the problem was! It’s your app. It seems while people were having issues moving LUTS into Affinity Photo, you made it so the app converts LUT files into Affinity Photo files. Unfortunately it does this to every LUT file on iOS when Affinity Photo is installed. That’s why instead of showing the data thumbnail like LUTS do, it shows the Affinity Photo icon. So I deleted Affinity Photo and guess what? All my LUTS work again! And not only ones that I have downloaded from other sites as samples, which also converted to Affinity Photo files when I have the app on my IPad, but also the LUTS that I created inside Affinity Photo App! Those worked too, on LumaFusion. So in order to use LUTS created on your app I have to create them, save them, then delete your app, EVERY TIME! There must be a better solution. I admire your app a lot and look forward to using it always. I also look forward to the resolution for this issue. -Michael CEO @ Petal and Pearl Media
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