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  1. Is it possible to create special para and object styles in InDesign, and import them in Publisher?
  2. Can I create a para style for a story that has the first line of the first para flush left, perhaps with a drop cap, or optical alignment - in case there is an opening quote, there will be a hanging indent; and the first line of succeeding paragraphs having different attributes, such as indents?
  3. I mean for them to use a translator, like Google Translate, so they can add an English version of their post, along with the one in their native tongue.
  4. Thanks. If they can translate the title, it behooves the to also add an English translation.
  5. Like to be able to copy/cut & paste ruler guides to other pages or documents, as in InDesign.
  6. Mainly so people in English speaking countries (like where Affinity originates) can read the posts. You do have a point, that it might not be perfectly accurate. It is easy to do & free. I use Google Translate. Главным образом поэтому люди в english speaking странах (как где Affinity возникает) могут прочитать столбы. У вас есть точка, что она не может быть совершенно точным. Это легко сделать бесплатно. Я использую Google Translate.
  7. In InDesign, cut or copied ruler guides can be pasted to other pages or documents.
  8. You might want to export your spreadsheet to a CSV file.
  9. Sugestia: Za kazdym razem, gdy ktos komentuje w obcym, automatycznie, dolacz tlumaczenie na angielski. Sugerencia: Cada vez que alguien comenta en un extranjero, automáticamente, adjunte una traducción al inglés. Suggestion: Whenever someone comments in a foreign, automatically, attach an English translation.
  10. Tak, Affinity działa na moim systemie Win 10 Pro. Miłego dnia.
  11. Still confused. Don't have to go through all this rigmarole, in InDesign. I use MS Access, create a report, export this report to Excel and then export the Excel file to a CSV file. And finally, place the CSV fields in the Publisher data merge file.
  12. Data merge: Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields in a data merge. InDesign has this in their Content Placement Options Dialog box
  13. Search results for magnifier glass menu No results found. I have Win 10 Pro.
  14. Thank you for your interesting ideas. But if the field is blank, there are no text attributes???
  15. Google translation: Hi. I have a problem with the installation of the program. I bought the program. I copied my passcode. I downloaded and installed the application. The program did not want my code or email address during installation. The program has been installed, there is a shortcut on the desktop, but when you press "run" the program does not respond. I have already installed four times. I changed the system settings and it did not help. Please give me detailed instructions on how to solve this problem?
  16. InDesign has has their Content Placement Options Dialog box > Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields. Does Publisher have anything similar?
  17. How do I automatically close up blank lines in a data merge? For example, when there is no PO box in an address. I did it manually, today. Mailing_2021_02-04.afpub Mail_merge_2021_02-04.afpub
  18. Thank you. I'm just getting acquainted with Forum; it could be more intuitive. I did look for Feature Requests and Suggestions. Is there a learning guide, besides Guidelines; or a video? When to comment or reply in Quote?
  19. Can you provide, in a future release, an auto date field, to reflect when a document is revised?
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