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  1. Such a strange thing.... but thanks a lot that seems to work !!... My guess, based on your fix, is that the program works differently with the white and "transparent" areas so the outline appears through the Export. I found out that if you set the output quality to 100% it also leads to no or less visible shapes.... Thanks a lot again!
  2. This happens in nearly every document so far. In Export settings i use "raster all" Option. But the problem also occurs with the standard-options... (always PDF!) Test_Outlines.afpub
  3. I tried this with a new file. In the document you can make up the shaps even though they were white with 0px stroke without color... Nevertheless you can see the shapes in the supposedly "all white" document. The pixels even have some information in them (see the jpg). 2008_Test.pdf
  4. Hey there, i have one problem i could not solve so far: when i export a white surface on white background (for example if i want to hide sth. inside a document) into a rastered PDF, i get a thin grey border around that white surface when i view the exported document. So far i tried a lot but was not able to fix this. It does not matter if I export it through Publisher/Photo or Designer... Has anybody noticed this and has a solution for me?
  5. Hi there, Affinity Publisher is having troubles interpreting a certain kind of fill surface. Iam using Allplan (CAD-Software for architecture) and all Affinity programs cannot interpret these fillings. We use Allplan to Export PDF-Files which we then import into Affinity for layouting. Instead of a color gradient called "from the middle" in Allplan, all Affinity programs show a dark grey. Is there any fix? because we really like to use these kind of fillings. Picture 1 shows false Affinity interpretation. Picture 2 shows how it is shown correctly in Ac
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