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    Callum got a reaction from iMatt in Brushes in Affinity Designer   
    Hi iMatt,
    If you have imported some brushes into Designer and they aren't showing they may be pixel brushes so they might only show in the brushes panel of the Pixel Persona.
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    Callum got a reaction from Paul Mudditt in Searching Affinity Designer/photo/publisher is broken? Not indexed?   
    I'm not sure, is your niece currently only a little pregnant on one operating system ūüėč?
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    Callum reacted to v_kyr in Searching Affinity Designer/photo/publisher is broken? Not indexed?   
    Some general and dev related infos about Apple help ...
    Help Help: 3 What the docs don’t tell you
    How High Sierra has changed Help
    Apple Help Programming Guide
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    Callum got a reaction from IanSG in Searching Affinity Designer/photo/publisher is broken? Not indexed?   
    I'm not sure, is your niece currently only a little pregnant on one operating system ūüėč?
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    Callum reacted to Jowday in Why is it so hard to rotate something?   
    Hi @mayfly
    Stiff opposition or the like from a small core of forum users is quite normal here and I know for a fact that new users (customers) simply quit the forum because of it. I would be surprised if Serif didn’t care. They do.

    I also know Serif do read forum posts here and thus also your legitimate concerns and good suggestions. So you have been heard. You just won’t get an official answer to your suggestions. You will get support though from their staff. Perhaps they will take your suggestions into account, perhaps not.
    My personal advice to Serif for v2 of Photo is not new features but a complete usability overhaul. It really, really needs it.
    Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts. You are not alone. And as I said the right people in Nottingham will read your post.
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    Callum reacted to brunoczech in Backspace problem in Publisher   
    I'm using version 1.8.3.
    Strangely I haven't encounter this behaviour since the last time.
    Well, maybe it was a one time thing tied to the particular file?
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    Callum reacted to ashf in Pen pressure does not work   
    Did you enable "Digital Ink" in XP-Pen driver?
    or you should be able to find "Windows Ink" checkbox somewhere.
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    Callum reacted to GarryP in snapping text to line - affinity photo   
    You’re welcome.
    I‚Äôve been using Designer for a couple of years now, and Photo for a lot less ‚Äď not in a day-to-day professional-use way, just an enthusiastic tinkerer ‚Äď and I‚Äôm very much still in the learning phase of my relationship with the software. It seems like I keep finding some new technique/trick every week (or more often). Lots to learn, but still enjoying doing so.
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    Callum reacted to GarryP in snapping text to line - affinity photo   
    Do you have ‚ÄúSnap to Object Geometry‚ÄĚ set in the Snapping pop-up (not the Context Toolbar)?
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    Callum reacted to Plogus in Pink stroke after selection   
    Thx a lot. I think that this feature works, when an object was selected, it shows with which object it is snapping.
    Sry for bad english.
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    Callum reacted to Fixx in How can I set up Affinity Publisher to print out a pamphlet document that looks like this? (link in the post)   
    You need to print booklet.
    See https://affinity.help/publisher/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Publishing/print.html?title=Print 
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    Callum reacted to Lagarto in How can I set up Affinity Publisher to print out a pamphlet document that looks like this? (link in the post)   
    It also depends on whether you want to just print the publication on a local printer in which case the Booklet option (under Layout > Model) of the Print dialog box of Affinity Publisher is practical. This feature can also be used to create a PDF output if you use a PDF printer driver or can print to a .ps file, but it is not suitable if you need to create PDFs for commercial press. If the latter is needed, you can create a source publication as a regular document where pages are in reading order, and then a secondary impositioning publication which imports pages from the source publication in the order (and orientation) determined by the signature, and then export a PDF with correct print settings.
    If a PDF booklet is desired, and no PDF printer driver is available, it is possible to convert a reading order PDF into a booklet by using e.g. free Acrobat Reader DC or a free online service. Acrobat Reader DC would naturally also allow printing a booklet on a local printer, which is probably a better way to do this any way because printing directly often results in some wasted paper: seeing the output before printing is therefore useful. 
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    Callum reacted to John Rostron in Macro to wrap an Image around a Bottle or Mug - revisited   
    Some time ago I produced a macro to Wrap an Image around a Bottle or Mug. This involved some complex trigonometrical operations on the image. I present here an alternative approach for a macro to perform the same action. 
    Here is my original image:
    It is easily possible to produce an equation that contracts the image width-wise to emulate the reduction in perceived width as the image is wrapped. Such an equation has the form:
    and has the result of:

    The contraction is uniform across the reduced width. The expression pi/2 is the appropriate scaling for a bottle diameter that accepts the image around its half-circumference.
    What I was aiming for was a function that would scale the edges so that they appeared contracted, whilst applying zero scaling to the centre of the image. After much trial and error, I came up with this:
    Edit: Note that this has a minus sign after the first w/2. The original had a plus sign.
    The value 1.571 is just half pi. The resulting image is:

    This is a single result. I have further refined by including a scaling parameter, a, which accentuates the compression at the edges.
    Here it is with the a parameter around half.

    Note that in these images, the central squares remain square.
    Edit: Like my previous version it has a parameter (in this case b) which affects the viewpoint, above or below. If you want to use this then you need to enlarge the canvas vertically beforehand to give room for the curvature. You may wish to use Document > Clip Canvas at the end in this case.
    Edit: various members had pointed out that the final image was flipped horizontally. This has now been fixed. I have also added Layer > Unlock and Layer > Rasterize at the start of the macro. I have not added a clip canvas at the end. Do you think that this is desirable?
    Here is the macro:
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    Callum got a reaction from derrickmg in Publisher Inputs PDF file bit leaves out hyperlinks   
    Hi Stiggity Steve,
    Welcome to the forums
    Affinity Publisher doesn't currently support importing hyperlinks I'm afraid.
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    Callum reacted to walt.farrell in Issue with path text   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, @mscx.
    If you're using Designer, the stroke for the path should be removed automatically.
    If you're using Publisher, the stroke is controlled using the Text Frame studion panel (View > Studio > Text Frame).
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    Callum reacted to Old Bruce in Downloading pictures   
    Are you talking about the 'Welcome' screen? You can go to the Help menu and click on Welcome.
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    Callum reacted to Old Bruce in Ive Lost all pressure Control - Affnity Designer   
    I am glad you found the solution, and I am happy you shared your solution for others to find.
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    Callum reacted to massive.art in Ive Lost all pressure Control - Affnity Designer   
    I found a fix deep in the Forums. Preference > Tools -- Uncheck "Uses Windows Ink for Tablet Input" -- In case anyone just had a problem or wants to Update Win10
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    Callum reacted to Arun Sarkar in Unfortunately, Arabic is not supported   
    Hello Callum
    Please also consider Indic LTR too if possible.
    Stay Safe
    Kind regards
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    Callum got a reaction from Arun Sarkar in Unfortunately, Arabic is not supported   
    Hi Sunnyb0y,
    Welcome to the forums
    That is correct however we do plan to add support for RTL languages in the future.
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    Callum got a reaction from SalfingerAndrew in export text as PSD without rasterizing   
    Hi Yoko,
    Welcome to the forums
    The affinity apps don't currently support exporting text to .PSD I recommend trying an EPS or PDF file as Massive.art suggested.
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    Callum reacted to walt.farrell in Tabs   
    I'm not aware of any function like that in Designer (or other Affinity applications), assuming I understand what you mean. File > Open or File > Place will open a File Explorer dialog to let you choose files, but there are no "tabs" for that function.
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    Callum reacted to markw in How do I add a photo from the internet in the Place window in Mac?   
    On Macs the image has to actually exist first, in a location that Finder can navigate to.
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    Callum reacted to firstdefence in View tool is enabled and I can't use A. Designer anymore   
    Very odd, have you tried pressing ESC a few times?
    Reset To Factory defaults
    Launch the app with ‚ĆÉ(ctrl)¬†held down until a Clear User Data dialog appears. Press the Select All button¬†then press the¬†Clear¬†button. Note this will reset everything to app defaults - user preferences, palettes, macros, everything. If you want to reset just the UI and user prefs leave just the first three checkboxes ticked and press the Clear button.
    Note: if you have custom brushes export them out or make copies of the . procol files...
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    Callum reacted to firstdefence in This is a weird Image (Pareidolia)   
    I can see about 6 definite and probably a few more slightly more abstract faces.

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