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  1. Okay the beta version it's nice I use it all the time to move my PDF UV maps so they are transparent but the only problem is when the beta is renewed everything is dumped all my brushes all my settings everything and that happens each time there's a new beta so my question is when Will the app catch up with the betas or do we have to keep doing the beta thing for years  hopefully not. alright thank you.

  2. I can not export PSD files From Affinity Photo to Gimp or Art Rage Apps!

    If I use Pixelmator it imports.

    Then if I export from Pixelmator as a PSD file it will open in Gimp and Artrage.  

    Why? Why won't Affinity Photo export correctly?


    Please help: also I don't under stand the options on the Affinity export to PSD. 


    PSD file and Image of imports


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