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  1. Yeah, the latest version (v. cleared up several of the boolean operations that were broken for me in earlier versions of 1.8 but just noticed this one today. I've attached an afdesign file that breaks for me on the subtract operation. Intersect seems to work fine and this uses the shapes in triangle and ellipse format. Grouping and un-grouping shapes seems to reset something and the result from the operation sometimes fixes and sometimes doesn't. affinity-designer-bug-26-03-20.afdesign
  2. I guess I could just make a semi circle and rotate it but I was trying this combination and noticed the result wasn't what would be expected (unless I'm missing something?). Triangle was created by deleting a point from a square that was converted to curves. The result is the same regardless of if the circle is an 'ellipse' or curves. Operation work as intended when objects are in 'ellipse' and 'triangle' format. So it looks like it is something to do with the 'format' of these shapes? There are still quite easy (and probably more intuitive to most people) solutions to get the desired result though.
  3. Thanks MEB, everything else in this 1.8 update seems great so can't wait for this fix
  4. I'm also getting weird issues with the add geometry feature ever since updating to v1.8 ( Screenshot below is just one case I have right now but there has been several, particularly with text that has been converted to curves then trying to combine separate letters with the boolean add operation. Left: Before add operation, Right: After add operation
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