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  1. Internal. Run my apps from an internal m.2 500 gb(400gb free space) and work on an internal hard drive 1 tb (800 gb free) Edit: Affinity has no crash reports no saved crash reports.
  2. As the title states Affinity photo crashes whenever the file size exceeds 700mb. It also corrupts. This has been happening for a while now(2 years~). Ive tried every configuration possible and still have the same problem. Does not matter if im working in 8,16,32 bit. Ive allocated enough ram to the application. 32 gb. I run a 2080 rtx with an i9. James Ritson asked me to upload a file during the most recent Stream. So i hope this helps and i hope it is just isolated to me. It still happens even with a full clean install. Tried it on my laptop running a 2070 rtx as well.
  3. Every single image, every single time...It just keeps either crashing constantly or corrupting when reaching 700 mb plus in size. Fix this issue please! I have a high end pc running an i9 and a 2080 rtx and have had this problem from the beginning with affinity photo. Cant get work done like this.
  4. I will need to get better acquainted with apply image then. Thank you again.
  5. Hello! Thank you for the response. I don't quite understand how this answers my question though as it just separates it into High and low frequency. It seemed to me that the video i posted already separated the frequencies into high and low. The video takes it a step further to get Mid High, Mid and Mid low frequencies.
  6. Hello everyone. I dont know if this is the correct place to post this or if this has been done in Affinity already, as I could not find it. How would you do frequency separation on more than one channel?(High, Low Frequency) I found a video explaining how to do it in photoshop. Just wonder if its possible in Affinity and how would that be achieved? I have posted the related video below. NEW! Frequency Separation 3 & 5 Techniques in Photoshop (In-Depth Breakdown + FREE Actions) - YouTube
  7. I redid the work. Thank you for reaching out. My temporary solution is to delete the layers as I go. This is not ideal however, do to the fact that I need to post some of these as tutorials or have the files corrupt on me when I need the work finished quick when its for publication. I just wonder why does this happen frequently when the .afphoto files exceed 1 gb?
  8. I was recently working on a photograph and I had no issues with the file until I saved it and closed Affinity. When I came back to open it to continue working on it, it crashes after loading about 30% of the file leaving me with a message saying "The document appears to be corrupted n\n\The document must now be closed ". Any way I can recover the file? The file size is over 1 gb so I cant attach the file here. So this isn't the first time it has happened. I have noticed this happens to my files when they exceed 1 gb. My hardware is more than capable. I run a max
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