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    I'm Jose, an enthusiast/amateur street photographer that completed 20+ years of Army service almost a decade ago.  Due to my wear and tear, photography became a hobby/therapy. After trying many cameras, Fujfilm X-Series became the best to use with a high proficiency level. As a Google user, I became familiar with the Nik Collection; however, it needed to be used as a filter option for Photoshop. Without any other option, I ended up getting the yearly subscription every year so I could employ basic features such as Camera RAW and the whole Nik Collection. 
    When I saw that DxO had Photo Lab 2 integrated with the Nik Collection, I purchased it; however, I realized later that the RAW Files of my Fujifilm cameras were not supported by the App. Later, I upgraded to Photo Lab 3 Essentials assuming that I was going to be able to process Fuji RAW files, I was wrong.
    Yesterday, in a product upgrade message from Nik Collection 2.5 by DxO into my E-Mail box, I saw that Affinity 1.8 (Sefif) was compatible with their program.  This was the first time that Affinity Serif crossed my sight. I employed the remainder of the day, afternoon, and early night to read about Affinity and the different programs. 
    At the end of the night, I bought Affinity Photo 1.8 and several creative resources, and a manual. After fulfilling all the requirements, I had the platform ready to be used. This morning, I post-processed my first photo with the program and I was very pleased with the results.
    Earlier, I upgraded Nik Collection to the 2.5 version but I could put the plug ins into Affinity Photo 1.8. Last night, I ran into this site while I was pondering; however, now I have the software. 
    If everything works out, maybe in the future I could be adding the Designer and Publisher part of the package. Take care.. 
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    JGaston reacted to Lee D in How do you install the NIK Collection 2.5 plugins?   
    During the setup it checks for any installed supported software, at this point you have an option to create a new folder for the plugins to be installed into. Create a folder and select before continuing with the setup. Once this has completed, open Affinity Photo > Preferences > Plugins, make sure you Authorise Global (macOS only) Add the folder that you created and enable Allow Unknown plugins. Now restart the app and the plugins should be detected.
    See these video tutorials for some more information.
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