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  1. Thanks so much, @GabrielM! Looking forward to the fix in a coming update!
  2. Attached screenshot after performing the following steps: Imported image from Unsplash Duplicate the Background layer and select new layer Column Marquee on the new layer in the middle of her eye Press CMD-J to duplicate the new Column Marquee as new Pixel layer Press CMD-D to remove the marquee Press V to activate the Move Tool Drag left to stretch the new Pixel layer As others have reported in other threads, the resulting stretched Pixel layer is transparent and has a gradient that feathers to both left and right edges.
  3. It doesn't work the same in both AP and AD. In AD you have to go to the Pixel Personal first in order to have access to the Column/Row Marquee tool. Interesting enough, I found a tut for GIMP and it does the exact same thing. Their instructions use the Scale tool but when pulling the single pixel column wide via the Scale tool it also creates a transparent, gradient box.
  4. ShaneRobinson

    Stretch Selection

    This doesn't work as expected. In AD when you use the Move Tool on the Column/Row Marquee selection, the resulting "Pixel Stretch" is a transparent gradient of the selected Column/Row. Why doesn't it just work as expected to produce a 100% opaque "Pixel Stretch" of the selected column/row?
  5. This doesn't work as expected. When using the Move Tool on a Column/Row Marquee Selection, AD applies a transparent gradient/feather to the selected column/row. PS doesn't do this when using the Free Transform tool on the Column/Row Marquee Selection. Why is this?
  6. ShaneRobinson

    Pixel Stretch

    Agree with @Fixx above. This is easy in PS. But a year later AD still creates what looks like a transparent gradient when you do the Pixel Stretch effect. Why does AD add a feather/gradient effect when using the Move tool on a Column/Row Marquee Selection?
  7. ShaneRobinson

    Keyboard shortcuts

    I'm new to Affinity Designer after using Fireworks since it was created by Macromedia. PS and Illustrator are so overly complicated for simple graphics production...Thank Zod for Affinity Designer now that Fireworks has been tossed aside by Adobe. The TWO keyboard shortcuts that are really missing for me are Duplicate (whatever is currently selected) and Place... On a Mac, duplicate has always been cmd + D. That just makes sense. For "Place..." it's Shift + CMD + P in Illustrator and also just makes sense that it would be the same in Affinity products. In searching the forums first before I created a new feature request thread, I see there is mention of custom keyboard shortcuts. My workflow will definitely be much faster once I can create the usual shortcuts.

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