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  1. Hi Thank you for your fast reply. I will have a look if all of my shapes are closed. One thing i've noticed though was, as i was changing settings of alignment, i could see it changing in layers thumbnail but not on document screen.
  2. Hi All I've noticed a bug in AD which causes Stroke Alignment not working. If you have a more complex shape, no matter if you choose to have stroke outside or inside of a path, it always stays in centre. Anyone else having this issue?
  3. I'm "glad" i'm not the only one. I wasn't able to read the message as it shows only for a split second and every time i was trying to capture video, it just didn't happen. This happens whatever i'm doing and seems random. Not necessarily only in develop persona. Also happens a lot in Designer working on a new document.
  4. I'm having wierd issues no Macbook Air with Apple silicon. 1. When editing, sometimes there is some sort of message appearing in the middle of the screen. It is only for a split second and right in the middle of the screen. Doesn't stay long enough for me to be able to read what it says. AP will drop anything i'm doing for a brief moment. 2. Sometimes i can't select layer. The blue highlight just does not appear. 3. When trying to use a brush in overlay mode, it doesn't work sometimes.
  5. It will crash every time i try selection as a new layer. Soft reset makes zero difference. i can reproduce this 100% on iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5. It will always fail and crashes to Home Screen.
  6. i have the same problem. Using iPad Air 3, so it should have specs to run this app. App is crashing very often and i’m loosing edits. Also, when importing RAWs and trying to apply Radial Filter in overlays, app crashes instantly. This is so frustrating. AP is the only really good editing app on the iPad, but it is hardly usable with these constant crashes.
  7. Same here. i’m using iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3 and when i edit CR2 files app is crashing a lot. What seems to help for a while, is to reboot the device which probably clears RAM. This was happening in AP 1.7.3. also, but it seems to be more frequent in 1.8 I’m not sure if this is iOS handling memory badly or if it is AP just overloading it. But it’s really annoying and frustrating.
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