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  1. Hello dear helpers Thank you for your advise. I have now sorted the issue. I watched the help video for printing different documents and this time I managed to print my booklet without any issues. Not sure where I went wrong with the previous attempts, but thankful that I have sorted it. Regards MF
  2. Hello I am trying to print a booklet of 16 page A5 onto A4 landscape. I have a art graphics printer that has duplex function. Despite my best efforts I am unable to print my booklet correctly. When I use the dialog box for printing with Affinity Publisher to print the booklet booklet selected double sided selected Short side selected for binding Duplex printing has worked for the booklet, but the rear pages print upside down Please can you help solve this as I am printing a forest of paper and wasting ink and of course my time in trying to solve this. I look forward to hearing from the forum with a solution Thank you
  3. Update on the printing issues. I have now discovered that I needed to update my printer drivers, which is why the booklet would not print. I am now able to print the booklet as described in Affinity Publisher. Not a AP issue but a communication issue between computer and printer.
  4. Thank you for your help. I did try the booklet tab, but I may have ticked the incorrect binding side. Regards MP
  5. Hello I have a A5 document with facing pages ( 16 page) that I wish to print as an A5 booklet, printed on A4 pages landscape, double sided. I am novice with this software and struggling to print it correctly. I have tried printing both in Affinity publisher, and also as an exported PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Unfortunately due to my lack of skill I am having trouble understanding the technical layout of the pages, in the print dialog box, and how to print it so that the booklet pages print are double sided in the correct order, when folding the booklet. Can anyone help me solve this issu please. Thank you MP
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