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  1. Well best of luck to those people I am sure it will be worked out. myself I returned the mini and got the 11 inch pro. Less because affinity works on it but more for the larger screen and better pencil.
  2. It’s making me reconsider my mini and maybe getting a Pro. But I am yet undecided. Still I am glad to see this is being worked on. I hope a fix is possible.
  3. 3Y8A0347.CR3I am running an iPad Mini 5 that I just bought and the latest version of Affinity Photo that I also just bought. iPad has all updates as does photo as I never had and older version. I have also tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Crashes occur randomly and often to the point the software is completely unusable. It doesn’t seem to matter what tools I am using crashes occur using tools, changing tools, pinching and zooming, scrolling, saving, adjusting exposure. I think the only thing I haven’t seen crash is using “Smart Selection Brush Tool” It has crashed on every CR3
  4. Nooooooo. I am not running that version, I am running 1.8 but I am having that problem.
  5. I have a brand new iPad mini 5. I have installed all updates but I am getting crashes randomly from many things. saving Moving around the image with two fingers using smudge tool I am currently working with EOS R RAW files and except for the crashes it seems to work well. edit new crashes selecting a different tool crashes Happen using Apple Pencil and finger only.
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