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  1. First off, thanks for the numerous replies, I appreciate it and I learned more. So it was because I had antialias turned off (default) while it was turned on (default) in PS. Also the fact I didn't turn this on PRIOR to selecting also threw me for a loop. I was always selecting it after the selection. Thanks to @PÅ¡enda for pointing this out! Like I said, rookie mistake by me.
  2. Doing a very simple selection using the elliptical marquee tool to cut a portion out. The problem is the edges are much more jagged as compared to doing the same function in Photoshop. The rasterize function did not help. I have feather set to zero, but it is also set to zero in Photoshop. I am using the same .jpg in both programs and I am using the same marquee size setting between both programs. Attached are two photos; AF test is the Affinity photo and PS is Pho toshop. I can probably go through steps to refine the edge after the fact, but I would rather have the marquee selection tool have edges similar to what I have been using in Photoshop. I am a rookie with Affinity so it is probably a simple setting I am not seeing. Thanks for the help!
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