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  1. I am amazed at the amount of brushes you guys added to Affinity Designer on the iPad. Are there any plans to port these brushes on the Mac application too?
  2. If you spend most of your time on Facebook I just created an affinity designer group there. Share your work, tips and resources! Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/351282005040403/
  3. Have any of you encountered issues changing document settings mid-project? I'm not saying I have but just being precautious for client work. Did example if you change pixel density (150 to 300), color mode or image size in the middle of a project have you seen unusual results? Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. Thanks. Really cool brushes....keep them coming!!! :)
  5. Too funny, I showed my work to my wife and she quoted the incredibles...
  6. Thanks CartoonMike...I'm always open to feedback (the only way we grow is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and accept feedback) and I'm definitely just getting started (I usually go through several versions before I lock it down - this is version 1). So again thanks for your feedback. Happy halloween to you too. ;)
  7. Little update on edgy....still a lot of drawing to do (details on rifle and character) before tackling the background, colouring, texturing and final shadows and highlights...I might change a few things while I continue but this is where I am now. Feedback is definitely welcomed....
  8. New project entirely done in affinity...called EDGY! Modelling and drawing phase...after texturing, shading and colouring...(listening to EDGE OF TOMORROW and CAPTAIN AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER while designing...love my job!).
  9. Here is my completed zombie project!!!! First one entirely with Affinity Designer!
  10. Did any of you found the right recipe to simulate sketching pencils 2B and up? I'm 100% familiar with the brush options yet to get it right, and I like to sketch my scenes before going full blown vector. Any tips?
  11. Need any help with anything on the one you're working on? Could you send the pages document (or whatever original file) I'll add a few things and help out!
  12. I know the Affinity team is super busy with putting as many resources as they can to help us, but one item I think all of us need (especially new users) is a cheat sheet for all the shortcuts and available tools. I'd like to suggest we all put just a few minutes (each user) and build one. I'll get the ball rolling and upload the first version tomorrow. You want to help?
  13. Guys, Do you have any tools in AD or tips on how to properly setup perspective for a project? I'm exploring all available tools (guides) and want to make sure I'm not missing anything. For example in illustrator there is a perspective grid....
  14. Can we create brushes from objects? If I create an object and draw on it, then convert it in a brush (example: brick into a brush so I can draw multiple bricks into another object).
  15. Is it possible to import brushes from photoshop? For example there are tons of brush collections on the web we might have gotten for photoshop that we might want to use in AD. Or even better to create a brush from an object we created? This might be useful when we want to use specific designed brushes. For example I was able to import the included brush into pixelmator or photoshop...but unable in AD. http://www.brusheezy.com/brushes/48401-herb-a-poils-grass-brushes-chapter-2-camisole-pictures-brushes
  16. Anyone has created a custom grass brush (vector or pixel)? Working on a project and need one if anyone has this... Thanks in advance.
  17. In a future version of Designer, might be very helpful to include specs guide of objects we create like the Specctr plugin for illustrator. Very useful for designers and developers when building UIs. See pictures below
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