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  1. About the text box that is cut off on opening, when I turn off and then on the CARD SHORT layer, then the CARD TEXT layer appears correctly.
  2. Indeed, I've installed the RobotoTTF and Nano Sans/Serif fonts available here. The above PSD file is part of the Android Sample app design mocks available here.
  3. The attached psd file opens in Affinity Photo 1.3.4 with a half of its text box cut off. I attached also a screenshot of how it looks like after opening. Also, there is another problem. Any PSD file that I export in AP (including the attached one) and then open it, loses text smoothness (all texts look like created in very low resolution). Steps to reproduce: 1. Open the attached psd file. 2. Export to PSD (I tried almost all options there and they don't make any difference). 3. Open the exported PSD. Any text is not smooth any longer and looks like saved in very low resolution. 4. If you save the original PSD file in afphoto format then the problem is not present. answer.psd
  4. When I received the notification email, I rushed to the Affinity Photo site. Unfortunately, the main picture (astronafts between standing stones with a black raven on top) emanates some negative emotions. Please, change that picture with some of your other works in the presentation video. The previous picture (while AP was still in beta) was just great.
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