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  1. I use Affinity Photo 1.9.820 (beta) i often use the canvas rotate, It might be worth making it all turn with the help of the R button + mouse x axis rotation, like P.S. ?
  2. I am still beginning to notice how people say that Serif is very slow to develop, but Potatoshop came out in 1990, 30 years ago, Affinity Photo came out in 2015, 5 years ago, Knowing all the difficulties of software development, how many problems can be and jump out Serif has made very good software. Adobe got drunk making old stinky software by subscription shoving the functionality under the old core until it all burst. It's a pity the talents are disappearing right now adding stupid sliders, stupid algorithms. P.S. Familiar designers who work in a global company they work in PS 2014, lol , and they easily do everything they need. I'm not saying you shouldn't update the program, do not need to add raw functionality and 5 years to patch it.
  3. Even the funniest thing is, the people who are promoting Photoshop 2021 and the new algorithmic functionality. You will notice that they do everything on a white background to hide all the shortcomings of these very algorithms, it looks ridiculous, trying to sell shit. In the market either professionals this raw shit will not use. The most important thing is that Serif adds functions that will really be useful and not raw. I'm hoping for Serif
  4. All new features of Photoshop 2021 are not needed in the professional segment, because the professional is not paid for the movement of sliders. They are paid for precise work. All these new features for junior designer... Many professionals are still working in Photoshop CS6 2014 P.S. Algorithms work terrible, I never used them because after them you still need to fix everything
  5. Yes, there was no problem until I installed the fonts and yes If remove the fonts, then everything is fine ICC profile - sRGB Fonts: Agrandir, Cirka, Gatwick, Hatton, Migra, Neue Machina, Right Grotesk, Telegraf, Faster One, Inter, Jost, Lato, Montserrat, Oswald, Oxygen, Russo One, Sen, SoyuzGrotesk
  6. Affinity Photo - Affinity Designer - Hello! I reinstalled windows, installed affinity everything worked fine and fast. After I installed 15 fonts, problems returned I don't even know how to solve it 🤔
  7. Affinity Designer need corner smoothing
  8. After a while, the [ , ] brush stops working and cannot be changed using the buttons.
  9. I have a question, what about updating this book? Still, you're updating the product "Software". It would be good to release a book updated the same year 2020 or 2021. The book can be complemented, for example, by work with Space Shuttle, as the author came to such a result, I think many people will be interested.
  10. You didn't say anything rude. You said usual functionality of working with figures "Add" , " ALT ", etc. People want to see the shape builder tool in AD. Comment on what you want, no one's mad at you. 😉
  11. Don't be ridiculous... 😉 I want to see how much time you spend working with the gold section. You'll just get tired of using "Geometry" tools when in a project, for example, 100 circles))) , than a simple tool like shape builder.
  12. In recent times windows doesn’t provide anything at all, shit code endless problems, crashes, bugs with animations, falling processes. MacOs - looks modern and more licked, animations, standard functionality... Windows - A lot of unnecessary functionality, I don’t even know who to use, the old core, which had long had to say goodbye... Linux - Like this system, very cool core, very fast system. BUT for the average person, this is a shuttle and there is no single distribution...
  13. I tried with a tablet and without as you said all the same problem. Most interesting, these slowdowns are always when I open a program, and these slowdowns last 50-60 seconds then it releases and everything works fine. It slows down the movement itself, drawing, creating shapes if you want I can record more video, I don’t know how to fix it Drivers set old and new, all the same problem AD, AP also reinstalled nothing changed
  14. Checked, I've got use the GPU. Same problem on AD and AP You can download the video to watch the lags https://send.firefox.com/download/46fe239c5911f239/#xVpNVkpbeaYPj_8o9EALsw Thank you!
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