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  1. I copy the triangle and paste it into the telegram, the place of the picture is sent to a set of characters. You can try it yourself, make a shape, click on it, copy and paste into the same discord. It's just very convenient if you work quickly and need to quickly send a file, I use very often Copy from Affinity Photo Paste Telegram Paste Discord
  2. I insert the image in Telegram, in discord the same problem. It was just fine before, no problem to copy and send anywhere.
  3. It stopped working, it used to work fine, after update 1.9 there is a code instead of a picture
  4. I can add that when working with OpenCL, the same brush lags and is very unused to work, I have to turn off OpenCL to work without delays.
  5. А если убрать обводку тоже самое будет ?
  6. As for me, this is not so important. Better to make a unique one picture ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I really liked the first splash screen! When I saw the new splash screen a little disappointed. Why the numbers were removed, which version I'm using now I don't understand. Decided to make my own variation of the splash screen, pictures can be different by itself. :)) P.S. Pictures ( shuttle and plane ) taken from the site Affinity.
  8. I use Affinity Photo 1.9.820 (beta) i often use the canvas rotate, It might be worth making it all turn with the help of the R button + mouse x axis rotation, like P.S. ?
  9. I am still beginning to notice how people say that Serif is very slow to develop, but Potatoshop came out in 1990, 30 years ago, Affinity Photo came out in 2015, 5 years ago, Knowing all the difficulties of software development, how many problems can be and jump out Serif has made very good software. Adobe got drunk making old stinky software by subscription shoving the functionality under the old core until it all burst. It's a pity the talents are disappearing right now adding stupid sliders, stupid algorithms. P.S. Familiar designers who work in a global company they work in PS 2014, lol , and they easily do everything they need. I'm not saying you shouldn't update the program, do not need to add raw functionality and 5 years to patch it.
  10. Even the funniest thing is, the people who are promoting Photoshop 2021 and the new algorithmic functionality. You will notice that they do everything on a white background to hide all the shortcomings of these very algorithms, it looks ridiculous, trying to sell shit. In the market either professionals this raw shit will not use. The most important thing is that Serif adds functions that will really be useful and not raw. I'm hoping for Serif
  11. All new features of Photoshop 2021 are not needed in the professional segment, because the professional is not paid for the movement of sliders. They are paid for precise work. All these new features for junior designer... Many professionals are still working in Photoshop CS6 2014 P.S. Algorithms work terrible, I never used them because after them you still need to fix everything
  12. Yes, there was no problem until I installed the fonts and yes If remove the fonts, then everything is fine ICC profile - sRGB Fonts: Agrandir, Cirka, Gatwick, Hatton, Migra, Neue Machina, Right Grotesk, Telegraf, Faster One, Inter, Jost, Lato, Montserrat, Oswald, Oxygen, Russo One, Sen, SoyuzGrotesk
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