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  1. On1 Pr2022 will also have a new AI Sky replacement function and it also comes with a bonus pack of new skies, as well as those the program always has had. While it probably won’t be able to use the skies you want from the program you already have (unless you can access the jpeg images themselves and import them into Pr2022 as you can do with any texture/image), you may find alternatives in PR 2022
  2. On1 Photo Raw 2022 will not be able to be used as a plug-in unless you purchase their modules separately - they’ve removed the plugin interfaces that they had in PR2021. Conversely, PR2022 can use ps plugins which is new to ON1. Actually, that’s what brought me to this page - I was searching to see if Affinity Photo could itself be used as a ps plugin so that I could call it from ON1 PR2022. My searching so far would suggest not, but I’d be happy to be proved wrong. I’m not at my pc just now, but I think I have been able to see ON1 Pr2021 as an available plugin in Affinity Photo - I’ll maybe give it a go tomorrow if I remember…
  3. Looks like the fix is as described in the Blurb help link I posted. Think I read somewhere that MagCloud and Blurb are actually related companies. Here's a link https://blog.magcloud.com/2020/04/14/the-difference-between-blurb-and-magcloud/
  4. I know this link is for blurb, but maybe Magclouds have the same issue: "The most common error we see is an incorrect inner bleed setting for pages. The inner bleed setting must be 0 points, which is different than the top, bottom, and outer bleeds. " https://support.blurb.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044955872-Affinity-Publisher-PDF-files
  5. I've just submitted an 8x10" 184pp book of recipes to Blurb for printing and followed the detailed directions given on their recent help pages at Affinity Publisher PDF files I found it pretty straightforward to do tbh despite this being my first serious use of Affinity Publisher - I found Blurb's own Bookwright software so cumbersome to use and like a throwback to the last century, not that I didn't hit a few issues with AP itself - not being able to constrain find and replace to selected text being the most puzzling aspect. Looking forward to seeing the results of my efforts in print in a couple of weeks' time...
  6. As a new user, the current behaviour is very annoying - I’m working on a 160pp double page spread and 90% is a comfortable zoom level for what I’m working on. Every time I change spread, it jumps back to 78%, and I also have to re centre the display. So time wasting - even if there were a set of buttons I could click for preset zoom levels would help - or even better, a much more flexible customised toolbar that I could add any function to like I can for, say, Microsoft office..
  7. Hi, I’m currently assembling an 160pp hardback coloured book of family recipes in Affinity Publisher and looking for advice on printer businesses in the UK that others may have used. As it’s just for non commercial distribution within the family, it’s unlikely to run beyond a dozen copies. I did do a smaller similar exercise a few years back with Blurb but the software was painful to use and the prices a bit high. Any recommendations? Thanks
  8. I’m a very new user of Publisher (yet to use it in anger for anything significant), but I found it very strange that if I enter values for margins , bleeds etc in mm on the New Document pane then decide I want the main units to be inches, those entries aren’t recalculated i.e 3mm becomes 3in rather than 0.12in. Very frustrating...
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