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  1. I have a subscription on a platform that has a lot of stock images. The problem is that the vector based images are most of the time Adobe Illustrator files which Affinity Designer can't handle. Are there stock platforms that has a lot of affinity designer vector based images? Thanks, Marcel
  2. I don't see version 1.8.5 . version 1.8.4 is not working correctly on my HP Zbook X2 (pen is not accurate in that version)
  3. I am using a HP Zbook X2 and want to use the Wacom pen pressure in Affinity Designer. Do I have to make some settings? I am using version because with 1.8.4 the pen is not working accurately (line shows up three centimeter higher than where I draw (with ouse and finger things go well and pen use in other applications goes well also.) Marcel
  4. The problem is with version 1.8.4 I have downgraded Designer to version and now the pen works well.
  5. I just have a HP Zbook X2. This laptop has a Wacom pen. The problem is that when you draw a line, the line appears three centimeters higher. Everywhere else the drwawing is spot on on the place where I draw the line. I saw on YouTube video for Photoshop where they say that the problems can be caused by Windows Ink. My previous computer is the SUrface Pro and there it works perfect;y. Any ideas? Thanks, Marcel
  6. I just have a HP Zbook X2 and the HP wacom pen is NOT working correctly in Affinity Designer---> a line appears three centimeters higher then where I draw it. The pen works elsewhere on the Zbook X2 perfectly. Somebody knows how to solve this? With kind regrads, Marccel
  7. I have imported a vector image from Freepik and by importing the transparant background is converted in grey blocks (normally that tells you that the image is transparant). I understand that this has something to do with the fact that Affinity can't import an Adobe eps file. Is there a proces by which you can easily delete these gray blocks? If not, what can I do? I don't want to take a subscription on Adobe. Thanks
  8. I have got the same issue. Want to work with Affinity Designer, but can't work with the Freepik eps-files. When you open the file in AI, then you can easily select the raster. This seems quite a disadvantage of Affinity Designer. Is there an eps converter to Affinity format?
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