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  1. I'm really confused. I have an artboard with some text and shapes. When I select the artboard and resize it, sometimes I will see everything scale accordingly, other times nothing scales, other times it seems like the text size will scale but not anything else, etc. I've been playing around with this for the last 15 minutes and I really can't figure out what's triggering each one of the different behaviors? Thanks
  2. Let's say I have two circles and an arrow connecting them: Is there a way to somehow anchor the arrow to both circles, such that if I resize them or move them around, the arrow adjusts accordingly? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm facing this recurrent situation. I have a bunch of circles and I now want to add a "label" to all of them, as you can see here: Now, to the best of my knowledge, the only way to "apply" this to all circles is to go through each one of them and add this text tool on top. At this point I'm just copying this "B". It would greatly help if it were possible to select my other circles (one by one): and then just somehow paste my "B" text tool object over this selection. Because as of right now, doing CTRL+C + CTRL+V will just paste it over the original object, so I end up having to manually move it to the right place, which can get quite tiresome. Is there a better of pasting contents over the current selection? video:
  4. Hello, I'm surprised to find that, apparently, it's not possibly to independently define the "place the arrow within line" and "place the arrow at the end of the line" for the head and tail of an arrow? I wanted to have the source of the arrow centered (bottom left) and its head not (top right). How can I proceed? Thanks
  5. I have this curve: that I then try to resize to a fraction of its size, while holding SHIFT to keep its aspect ratio (I make sure to have "Scale with object" set). Unfortunately, the result is disconcerting: If instead of doing this, I first click "Convert to Curves", it seems fine. But why is that? Thanks! untitled.afdesign
  6. It will not remove the auxiliary grids, it will pixelate the picture, etc. What I was looking for is to something akin to what one gets when opening the file as .svg.
  7. SVG. Is there any other vector format I should use that I can still use for the web?
  8. Hi, I composed this grid out of an array of lines, created a group with them and applied the transparency tool. Everything looked fine on Affinity until I attempted to export it -- Affinity seems to be rasterizing it: I already bumped into this problem in the past but as the transparency was not really needed I was happy to drop it. Today I would prefer to keep it if possible. Is there a way to avoid this? (Original affinity file in attach) Thanks! transp.afdesign
  9. Hi, Currently to see how my current project will really look like I... save it as a SVG and open it. This is quite time consuming. Is there a better way of achieving this? Thanks
  10. Hi, from my very preliminary tests, it seems to work. But I can better confirm it the next few days. As a software developer myself I'm curious: what was the issue?
  11. When is it going to be available? Because as it currently stands, Affinity Designer it's pretty much unusable right now.
  12. Hi, Affinity Designer 1.8 user. Affinity Designer has always frozen A LOT to me. Even when I was using version 1.7. I can reliably reproduce it: 1. Create a new document; 2. Type some text with the Frame Text Tool and select the text; 3. Select the Move Tool; 4. Pick a color for the selected text; 5. Close the color picker screen. The moment you touch anywhere in the grid, the application freezes. I have to kill it through the Task Manager. I'm Running Windows 10. This makes working in Affinity almost impossible :(. It's freezing all the time.
  13. Hi, When I attempt to export the following graphic it ends up exporting an SVG containing the whole document, instead. I'm attaching my affinity file plus the resulting SVG in attach. I'm using Affinity 1.8 although I had noticed similar behavior with 1.7. Thanks tp.afdesign abc.svg
  14. Arghh!! That sounds home! Now that you talk about it, that's most likely what I did the other day. Thanks!
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