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  1. Does Affinity Photo have a built-in feature to calibrate colors across a series of different photos using a tool such as X-Rite Colorchecker Passport which is integrated into other photo and video applications? Thanks, Frank
  2. Thanks ,,, this worked for me too .. AP was crashing every time I selected "Preferences."
  3. Hi ... so far I am really enjoying Affinity Designer. I typically learn better by playing with all the tools and learning as I go. However, I also like to refer to a manual for tips and tricks and things that I might not discover on my own. I really like the free iBooks User Guide for Procreate .... something like that would be really helpful. And since AD was a no.1 seller in the iOS app store, I am hoping that a growing user base will push the need for a user manual as a helpful resource to get the most out of AD. Thanks again! Frank
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Frank, an English as a foreign language teacher in Mexico. I'm happy to be here and very excited about Affinity Designer. I just recently cancelled my Creative Cloud subscription, so stumbling upon AD was truly a good thing. I dabble in digital art, including iPhoneography on my iPhone and iPad. I am a true Apple Fanboy both at heart and in practice. I am mostly interested in Affinity Designer for illustration work that I incorporate into iBooks using the iBook Author program by Apple, Inc. I look forward to meeting many of you and learning and sharing while we discover all that Affinity Designer has to offer now and in the future. I use Procreate and Inkpad on my iPad and hope to see a robust version of AD for the iPad sometime in the future (especially if the 12.9-inch version really comes to fruition). :) Frank
  5. More tutorials would be a plus. I´d like to see something covering brush strokes as well: manipulating, tablets, etc. I did buy Affinity Designer last night and am excited about learning how to exploit all the features. Thanks!