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    bjohnb got a reaction from dannyj in Measure distance between guides ala fireworks   
    Sorry to compare products, but, in fireworks, you can measure the distance between guides by, whilst the "move tool" selected put it between guides ands press "shift".
    Is there anything similar in Affinity? If not, how are people measuring the distance between guides?
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    bjohnb got a reaction from Orangedrop in Marquee tools don't cut out selections, what have i missed?   
    Say i've got a screenshot of something and i want to cut an element out of that screenshot. Normally i'd select the object, select the rectangular marquee tool, drag round what i want to cut out and then do CMD + X to cut out the selection.
    But, doing this now, it just deletes the entire object.
    What on earth am i doing wrong? Anyone?
    Cheers! :)
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