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  1. Hi, The Table of Contents in this document is incorrect at certain parts. Some of the headings are placed below the wrong the heading. A heading seems to be cloned, also.
  2. It happens with every new text box created as I believe the 'First Line Indent' value is set to -75px in the Master Page, using a custom Text Style. Though, the solution you provided did indeed work, thank you.
  3. Hey, thank you for looking into it, I attached a copy of the document to this message. example.afpub
  4. Hi, When I press TAB, instead of the line I want to indent (the first line), the rest of the paragraph gets indented. How can I indent only the first line? Thank you, LoraDet
  5. Hi, Even though I set the leading to 13 for both the paragraph and the character, the spacing changes when I transform the text layer. By transforming, I mean changing its size. For example, the spacing increases if I enlarge the layer. It appears to be dependent on the size of the frame. Is there any way to make this work so that even when I transform the text frame, the spacing between the characters, the lines and the paragraphs will remain the same? Thank you, LoraDet
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