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  1. I heard some talk a while back about the possibility of them being bought out down the track, and at that time I was like no fricken way, but as things currently stand I would gladly welcome such news.
  2. I think the lack of resources thing is just a cop out. Serif claim to have millions of people using their newest products, not to mention the money they made from the old ones. Now I don't know about anyone else, but I've purchased 3 products on PC and another 2 on the iPad, so in terms of revenue these guys have done very well for just a small team. Honestly I've lost all hope in Affinity products ever reaching the claimed "professional" software status. Development seems to have just stopped and loyal customers have been left in the lurch for quite some time now, no updates or teasers on what's to come, no highly requested features being released, nothing, not a peep. I think they've made their retirement money, and now they're simply milking as much coin from the current release until it fizzles out, which it very much is. I'm not even bothering to install Affinity on my new computer which is sad because the products had a lot of potential.
  3. You should download and install 1.8.2 as they have fixed many boolean operation bugs.
  4. It's really not a great look for those who rely on the software for work. I'm just hoping Serif sort these issues out quickly and we don't see a repeat in future updates. Sadly if we do, I'll regrettably have to switch back to Adobe and will no longer be able to recommend the products, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this.
  5. I was responding to haakoo's "are you sure you got the latest beta" comment. Next version is fine, but really it shouldn't be broken at this stage in the game.
  6. Thanks for the response Mark, yes I'm a Windows user. I understand these things can be difficult to catch so I won't be too hard on you guys, I just wanted to share my thoughts on things as someone who relies on the software for work. While I haven't used the beta versions previously, I might have to give them a go from time to time and do my part reporting any issues I encounter. Again, I love the software you guys have created, and like yourself I really just want the best out of it.
  7. Like many, I have come across a variety of issues / bugs in 1.8. So my question is, why do we have so many bugs in the public release considering the lengthy beta testing that goes on? I just don't understand how so many bugs could have gone unnoticed during the testing phase. I absolutely love Affinity products, but it kind of makes me wonder if I've made the right choice in switching from Adobe software, even more so when much needed tools keep getting pushed aside with every release. Anyway, I hope future releases are much more production ready when they reach the public, because I really don't want to have to fire up my Adobe subscription again.
  8. Happens for me too 😕. BTW, not everyone is using the beta version.
  9. That's a shame. I wonder why the global colour function worked as expected for the first group of objects, but not for the second group, the process was exactly the same.
  10. Here's a video of what I'm talking about. It's strange that it works fine for the first lot of objects (the green squares), but then acts differently for the second lot. As I said, if I had 100+ objects all using the same colour, based on my testing it would seem I could add that colour as a global swatch after the objects were created, but I would then need to select every single layer that uses that colour and re-assign the colour in order for global changes to occur.
  11. Thanks Jowday, I have been playing around with it and it still seems very hit and miss. I get different results every time I do it. It seems weird that you could have say 100 objects in a particular colour, add that colour as a global swatch only to have to re-apply that colour to all 100 objects in order to get global colour changes to work. That seems broken to me. Personally the way it is doesn't seem to be very useful unless you've 100% created your global colour palette before commencing work.
  12. One thing I'm still confused about, is that right clicking on an object and adding it's fill colour as global, does absolutely nothing when you change the colour of the swatch. I feel like changes to the swatch should do something in this case 🙄 Edit, this function seems very hit and miss. Sometimes it will change just one objects colour, in some case two out of three, and at times it won't change the colour of any objects, only the swatch. BTW, I'm just using the square tool if that makes any difference. To replicate, draw 3 squares in a colour of your choice, right click and add it as a global colour, now edit the global swatch. For me in this case, all 3 squares seem to update. Now draw another 3 squares in a different colour, add as global colour and adjust the global swatch for that colour, for me only the last square updates, the other two remain unchanged.
  13. Well I'll be damned, it works lol.I had looked everywhere for a tutorial explaining how to use global colours but didn't find anything useful. Thank you guys, I appreciate the help.
  14. I am unable to get global colours working in Affinity Designer 1.8 on Windows 10. I have never attempted to use this feature on previous versions so there is a chance I may be doing it wrong 😁 Steps I have tried; 1. Create multiple objects all using the same colour. 2. Open Swatches and "create a new document palette". 3. Select an objects fill colour with the eyedropper tool. 4. Click on "add current colour to palette as global colour". 5. Double click on global colour swatch and adjust colour. The above steps are only changing a single objects colour, the rest of the objects remain unchanged. Am I missing something here or is it a broken feature?
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