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  1. I have the same problem. Cant download anything. I am on windows 10 and have tried two different browsers but after selecting "choose your pack" and "I want this" nothing happens?????
  2. Have the same problem. Brand new fast computer with 16 GB Ram and on a 150 page book it took over 5 minutes to move 5 pages up two places. Terrible, and I cant go get coffee because I don't drink coffee! Okay, tried it again! It took two minutes to move one page and redraw my screen but still everything was locked up. had to wait another 2 and a half minutes before I could do anything with publisher! Wow!
  3. So I found out the Crashes where occurring when I was selecting body type to change to a new text style. It was only happening when selected type while crossing over into a two page spread. As long as I selected type on a single page there was no problem, but would immediately crash when going from page to page. So it was not randomly crashing but only when selecting crossover type! I have had no other problems since i quit changing text styles on spreads! Lifestyle Magazine.afpubMust be a bug somewhere! Attached is 1.0 folder. attachment_Log.txt attachment_Log.txt attachment_Log.txt metadata 0dd4960f-98c6-4d69-9d19-33876ccd2acb.dmp 5cbceb8c-cb51-4da2-bbad-8cb7a0b0e8fe.dmp 9fd655fb-5f89-4012-bfc9-adea7e88dd0d.dmp f6956a12-51eb-4778-9298-5f108e6d941f.dmp Log.txt 1.0.zip
  4. Every since I loaded the new version in Publisher it crashes like every 5 or 10 minutes! I am working on a 150 page book and I have to save every few minutes????
  5. PDFs made from Microsoft Word are not keeping their styles when opened into Affinity Publisher which means I have to recreate all new styles. Is there any way around this? If I place a word document it keeps all the sty;e names but comes in as a different size?
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