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  1. I use to be able to convert Color docs into Greyscale when converting to PDF from Publisher. Seems like since the last two upgrades it doesnt work. Even converting the Pub file to Greyscale first and saving to PDF saves it back in color??? What the heck?
  2. Every month I have to create a huge index of names of chess players for a chess publications I publish for a client. It indeed is tedious to manually select and mark hundreds of names and constantly update the index. Not sure why you can't create an index from a style? If all those names are in a particular style such as a certain font, bold and italicized and made into a new style you would think you could select that style and have those names added automatically to the index list and then the indexing software could add the page reference to the index. Probably easy to say but hard to do, but sure would be great to have!
  3. I have the same problem. Cant download anything. I am on windows 10 and have tried two different browsers but after selecting "choose your pack" and "I want this" nothing happens?????
  4. PDFs made from Microsoft Word are not keeping their styles when opened into Affinity Publisher which means I have to recreate all new styles. Is there any way around this? If I place a word document it keeps all the sty;e names but comes in as a different size?
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