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  1. @stokerg or anyone else at Affinity, could you please respond to this query. I sent an email regarding this on 2nd March which hasn't been replied to either. I still cannot use affinity photo on my MacBook Pro - or any other of the same year/model it seems (Catalina - but also an issue on previous MacOS, Retina, 15" Early 2013). Wacom pen doesn't appear to be a problem. I've upgraded to 1.8.1 but it seems the problems are still there. If I open a new file and start working, everything seems fine but opening up a bigger file (created on a different model of MacBook Pro (2011) with no issues at all) and there's the same lag that makes it impossible to continue working on it.
  2. Hi stokerg, Any update on this? I've tried using someone else's MacBook Pro (same spec and model as mine) and same results - even tried factory setting both MacBooks and going from scratch. Also tried exchanging heat sink paste - made no difference. Upgraded to Catalina...made no difference. Strangely, I borrowed a 2011 MacBook Pro (non retina etc) and the files worked perfectly so I was able to get work done on that. Clearly there's something about my model of MacBook Pro that is not working with Affinity. Can you please advise? TIA
  3. Oh really? I wonder why the desktop centre doesn't tell me that. Thanks for the link, will download and see what happens. EDIT UPDATE: Have downloaded the driver and the wacom seems to be working fine. However, when I was editing my work - I've started again with a smaller dpi (350) just in case the file size was an issue, and I get to the 6th layer and whilst editing, the layer vanished. I'm only adding and editing layers as I go along so really not many layers at all at this point.
  4. Hello stokerg, Thank you for replying. I have the intros pro medium. The wacom desktop centre says my driver is up to date (6.3.20-11). I'll try to dropbox video snippets.
  5. Hi, Did anyone get a fix for this? I've posted a query/issue in the forum - not the bug reporting one and I'm wondering if my issues are caused by the same thing. I tried just making a new file to see how affinity was working...simple file and tried to draw on it and there's about a second or two delay between drawing and it appearing on screen. This is very frustrating and I'm wondering if I was right to sing Affinity Photo's praises to other folks who were looking for a Photoshop alternative. I've been using Affinity for a few years now and didn't have these issues before at all.
  6. Follow up - whilst trying to resize the document (down to 350dpi) in the hope of a smoothing out these problems, one of my layers disappears. The layer is present but blank in the layers window and invisible/not present on the main screen. If undo the resize of the document (back up to 600dpi) it reappears. Also attached some video of the flickering which occurred whilst trying to erase edges. 20200209_150645.mp4
  7. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm working on a picture/drawing in Affinity Photo - size of file 1.37GB and Image is 600dpi on MacBook pro OS Mojave (wacom messed up too much with catalina so I reverted back and am too scared to upgrade again). I've scanned my images (sketches) and have layered each element and I'm having several functional issues. I'm finding that suddenly some layers are flickering, or disappearing - I can make it appear by copying and pasting the layer but then sometimes those then disappear. Some layers inexplicably cannot be edited such as using the erase tool. I can move its position but not erase pencil lines not draw onto it. When I'm using the pen to erase some sections, big pixel chunks start flickering - particularly if I'm working zoomed in. I have added new layers that do not function - eg, I tried to have a filled layer but nothing happened (no colour fill). I copied this layer, opened it in a new file and still, nothing there. Though in the new file, I can create a new layer and fill perfectly fine and then copy that over back to my original piece. TIA
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