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  1. I'm watching through that video you posted: "Affinity Designer Text Styles" (12 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emHIEKj9DvU He is setting up his headings as Character Styles instead of Paragraph Styles. I'm not sure why he would do that. I guess there are just many ways to approach organizing styles. Also, he is creating a text frame for every paragraph. My approach would be to make one large text frame and select different paragraph styles for each paragraph and heading within that text frame. The downside to my approach is having to meticulously assign spacing to each paragraph style. The upside to my approach is having exactly the same amount of spacing between paragraphs.
  2. I'm looking for resources on how to approach using Text Styles. I understand technically how to use them, but I am struggling with practically how to use them. I often find myself making sure that any text I use is assigned to a paragraph style. What I end up with is a huge list of styles that is hard to keep up with. Maybe I am not making enough use of groups and inheritance, but if I'm drilling down into the 5th nest of a style, why am I even using a style and not just selecting those attributes from the Character and Paragraph panels? When I select a style and change an attribute, I get a + that shows that it is different. Is it ok to have those + signs in the document, or is it best practice to not have them? Why does changing the font size add a +, but adding Bold does not? Maybe I should only assign a paragraph style to a paragraph if there is more than one paragraph I want to be styled exactly the same, otherwise maybe I shouldn't use them. I also think that if I am running into over 10 or so styles, I have really introduces too many and need to start scaling back. Some resources would be awesome. Some quick tips and thoughts would be approciated. Even some screen shots of the text styles panel for documents that you all thing are very well organised might help a ton! thanks!
  3. I have a black line running down the left side of a text frame. What is this and how can I remove it?
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