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    Symbols Not Working - AD 1.5

    I have some issues with symbols, too. But first, let us prove that I am doing it right. 1) Create text element and place an image below it (centered). Group them together and create a symbol of that group. (Symbol 1) 2) Drag and Drop that symbol into the artboard (Symbol 2), click on the "sync" button – syncing should be off. 3) Edit the text content and color of Symbol 2. (not syncing) 4) Enable syncing. 5) Re-center (select both and click in the alignment panel on horizontal center) the text element to the image below it. (Symbol 2) Expected behavior: The image and text should be centered (Symbol 2) and the image of Symbol 1 stays centered to its text element, since I don't change its "centered" position. What I get: The image of Symbol 1 changes its position too. (Bug or feature?) If feature, I suggest to implement this. It would be really helpful to keep symbols centered (only through the alignment panel). But I am not done: 6) Click on sync button, again (sync off). 7) Center image and text of Symbol 2. Expected behavior: Position should not be synced and the image of Symbol 1 stays at position. What I get: Image of Symbol 1 changes evenly with Symbol 2 position, even with disabled syncing. I hope the issue is clear. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, iMac (end 2013), Affinity Designer 1.5.1

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