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  1. Thanks Sean, I try to avoid converting to curves as a lot of my projects are used as templates for other projects so the text needs to remain editable. Good to know it's not just me being dim anyway!
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Here are 2x screenshots: Brush stroke is yellow in front of text. When I change the order: Brush stroke is now behind text, but the colour has changes to a dark yellow-grey. I can attach the file if you like? Thanks for your help, Meredudd
  3. Hi, 1st post here, sorry if it's a stupid question. Using latest version of Designer on a 2017 MacBook Pro (on Catalina). Here's the problem: When I add a brush stroke as an outline to text, I can change the brush stroke colour - as you would expect. But, when I set the stroke to be behind the text (99% of the time), the stroke changes to black - not in the colour picker, but on the actual page. If I change it back to be in front of the text, the colour returns. If I change the stroke from a brush to a solid line, it works fine. I also don't have this problem with shap
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