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  1. May I request on all three apps that you include apple colour pickers, This would make it easy when producing standard types of documents. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 9.02.07 AM.pdf
  2. Would be good if the last used font could be remembered for each session or even just remember it for the user to change. For example when printing a batch of certificates, with just a name change in each one, its necessary to manually replace the font and size between loading documents.
  3. Pleased to say I've totally transitioned from Photoshop. I use a Samsung 4K monitor which is super bright and I have to turn the brightness down substantially to see the grid lines. Could you either make them more pronounce or have a "volume" control for the grids please
  4. The white on grey preferences window LOOKS very cool but its harder to read. Same with tool bar. I would suggest white background with black text, possibly using apple's new system font, San Francisco
  5. Good Morning from New Zealand. I came across your products whilst searching for Adobe Free Apps that do the same thing at a non crippling price. I have a number of questions and I hope you will humour me with one time answers. (1) Do you have, or are you contemplating, a product that will replace InDesign? (2) How many computers can use the license once an app is purchased? (3) What is your policy for charging for upgrades? (4) How do you rate your products as viable substitutes for Adobe products? I look forward with interest to your answers and hope to become a convert to your product(s)
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