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  1. Now imagine if you have a preprepared word processing document with 100s of formatted hyperlinks inside it...
  2. Well you may have conveniently tested it on the only word processing software that it does work on. Attached is a hyperlink in different formats. These are the results: RTF: retains styles, no link ODT (open document): retains styles, no link PDF: retains font color, no link Google Doc: no styles, no link HTML: no styles, no link I cannot check Word / .docx here, but given the above results, you should make sure that it isn't also just a case of the text styles that are copied. A Hyperlink.odt AHyperlink.html A Hyperlink.pdf A Hyperlink.rtf
  3. With crowd sourcing then that is ~12,000 backers to break-even, or the same number over the course of a Beta release cycle? Sounds do-able, if not exactly short-term profitable. I tried to to find stats on GIMP usage (PPA download stats). I found this article from a Swiss journalist, which is of interest: https://publisher.ch/fachzeitschrift_detail.php?read_article=9590
  4. Another +1 for Linux support, with single-board computers: Affinity Suite for Raspberry Pi 4.
  5. Interested to know what the tech stack of Affinity products are. I read that the Windows version was discontinued and then re-released, so I imagine the code bases are dissimilar, and perhaps the macOS version is using more Swift flavours of Obj C (UIKit?). I use MacOS and switch to Linux for work with CUDA and NVIDIA graphics cards. I tried Windows but it is far too cloying and ugly to use. So from a sort of dyed-in-the-wool millennial macbook-user perspective, it is really encouraging when I see Linux support. And without being too bombastic, it is like being on the right side of histor
  6. Hello, this is a fantastic piece of software and it's been a joy to use so far. However, one large frustration I have is handling formatted text content from other places. Steps to Reproduce Copy text from a webpage, an existing PDF, RTF, Microsoft Word / Apple Pages / Google Docs document Paste into a text box inside Publisher or Copy text from witthin a text box inside Publisher Paste into a Microsoft Word / Apple Pages / Google Docs document Expected Behaviour Hyperlinks are present Newlines / paragraphs are preserved Actual Behaviour
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