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  1. Well I am it just that it’s hard to use it without it freezing. I can’t even do a line it in could it be a Windows 10 issue?
  2. Thanks for all the help guys. I don't want to make a topic for this since I'm getting help for my first problem which I have started testing out more things since opening the post. Does affinity designer normally crash a lot. I'm just trying to do other stuff in it and it would easily freeze up. This happen several times I'm just want to know if its normal or not.
  3. Wow I didn’t know I would have to do something like that. I will deftinely try those online tools.
  4. I still need to figure out what tools to use to do what you did here. That what I’m having trouble with.
  5. I see I was trying to do something like that but when I move the layer it still showed on top of it. So I don’t know what you exactly did to get it like that.
  6. This is in vector actually. I did a complete vector drawing in clip before bringing in affinity. Oh really is designer not good for this? I got it because I wanted to use it for creating shirt designs and using the patone colors because I do want these printed right.
  7. I'm new to affinity designer and had for about two weeks but what been holding me back is I cannot figure out how to color in this software. I'm just completely frustrated when it comes to using the software. I drew a poster design in clip studio paint and taking into affinity to color. That what I would like to do which won't happen now. But it could be helpful for next time please can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong because coloring feels to complex here when I dont feel like shouldn't. Also is there a way to prevent affinity from crashing kept crashing on the image. Can't seem to work in higher files sizes without it tensing up on itself.
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