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  1. I don't know about you but I usually change the names of the artboards, by numbers! you may find someone to name it! but it is an option that would be good for some! in my case it is an option that I would use a lot! if it integrates it would be cool and if not, I will export it as they answered above that is all.
  2. I think it would be a good way to export by the name of the table or page, and to be able to choose which ones to export ... In particular, since I acquired affinity, I no longer use illustrator, but I had that option of choosing the artboard. Although this option to select the tables and export them, it made me a good export result
  3. oh it had not occurred to me, when selecting only the artboard and then exporting only the selection! thanks for the solution
  4. thanks for the answer, but ... maybe I don't specify enough, what I want is to export page 1, 4 and 10, in the same PDF, not by individual page, and not all the pages. I don't see any option to export certain pages in a single PDF even if they are not consecutive etc.
  5. Greetings to all, I am wanting to export a file, but only certain specific pages, but I do not see any option that allows me to do it, ex. export pages 1,4,10 and 23 .... but I don't see anything that allows it! Unless I'm missing something!
  6. Puedes ver en el video, de lo que estoy hablando, cuando haces zoom tanto para aumentar como para disminuir, el zoom se mueve a otros puntos o páginas. Previo video
  7. any update with this topic? someone who knows or has information?
  8. alguien, alguna idea para estos comandos?
  9. Greetings to all. I have a little problem with the zoom when using it in Publisher. I'm used to using "Spacebar" + "cmd" to zoom and "alt" to zoom out, but every time I use that shortcut combination the zoom goes to another page! both to decrease and to increase ..! is there any way to configure it? in affinity Designer when using that command set the zoom works perfectly! I hope any comment of help, thanks.!
  10. Greetings to all I think the mac profile that is compatible with affinity was unconfigured, when I upgrade to "Catalina". After returning to the factory settings and changing the profile of the macbook, and restarting the mac, each capture that I take is already shown in color, but the calptures that were taken with the previous profiles and previous system continue to enter gray, the which is no longer a problem, because I take a screenshot again and add them to color... is the only thing I find logical, if someone is using "Catalina" and does not have the problem then it was a matt
  11. There are no dumb questions, everything helps, answering, if it is the same! I already did the factory settings but nothing!
  12. I've changed the profile, but it's still the same
  13. What profile do you recommend is appropriate?
  14. It is not a graphics card or hardware problem, since this problem only affects affinity, if it were a problem of the aforementioned it would affect all programs and mac, but it is not a unique problem. 1. All the examples put in this thread were screenshots, in the examples it is specified that they are color screenshots, but AD does not recognize them in color, even if I open them directly in AP the same opens them in grayscale. 2.they appear in color, even if I open the screenshots, with another program either code editor, PSD, Illustrator, IND, open them in color ... but in affini
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