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  1. I have a workflow where i use a magic trackpad with left hand and intuos on the right hand (and keyboard in the middle), so that i can intuitively zoom and pan while drawing. I am about to make a blog entry on this. Having multifinger gesture to rotate canvas too would be a huge and killing feature. I'd vote for it if there was a vote system... (hint)
  2. thanks. I will be using an other icon, so this is not blocking. Best,
  3. Hi. No problem, this does not affect me at the moment. This was a test with pressure, nothing to be used. Best,
  4. Hi. I did a small test and i saw weird pixels on top-left part of my line. When i zoomed in i saw some more and finally the bands you can see in the picture below. I also attached the original project. Best. Bug_001.afdesign
  5. Hi. I tried importing that image from the web but it appears garbled. Image is fine when seen through "preview". See attached image to have an idea of what it looks like. To reproduce: - open a web project, download that file: https://httpd.apache.org/dev/images/apache_logo.gif - drop it on the web project. I tried dropping other gifs and they were fine. Any idea? Best,
  6. Hello. On the compatibility thing, maybe one thing to do could be a first iteration where edits are lost on version change. People could still keep the file but would only be able to see the edits at an eventual later time, once you commit to translate old revisions to a new one. (if you ever do. I'm a long time coder too and i totally understand your argument) I do not see removing of edits as a problem on the long term anyway. It is pretty useful during the life of the project, to be able to go back and forth. Once the project itself is done and customer has its product delivered, there is little reason to need such a feature. Saving steps would help most of us, i believe, just by the fact of feeling as if we never left the project and the confidence of being able to go back on last steps.. (don't most of thought "i really did sh*t tonight..." when waking up after a tiring night session?) Being able to get back on projects made months or years ago would only be needed for a few of us. All this is IMHO, of course. Oh, and on the marketing side, it's a nice feature to brag about. ;)
  7. Hi. A huge feature to have would be undo stack to be saved to affinity files. That way, we could work on projects as if we never left them. Additionally in fact, a full versionning system could be great, but if we also could - name some steps so that we can go back and forth in our edit history - freeze edits below a certain point (but still see what it looked like and copy elements from those steps) - export at some points in 'time' - have time and date for each edit This is to be able to cope with customers that cannot take decisions and be able to always get back on previous edits to show what it looked like at that moment. You could say that i should save each and every results, but you never know in advance what you will need and that is 1: a huge disk and time loss to organise it and 2: not an absolute way of ensuring that you always be able to sort things out. You cannot save everything manually.
  8. I second this. Embedding is pretty nice, but linking is very very desirable. I have the same use case as jugibur and i also do miss linking a lot. Any eta on this feature?
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