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  1. I don't think there are people who like to use it, but once it got there by mistake. Program should never enter an infinite loop
  2. Thanks for letting me know, I didn't know about that. That still doesn't change the fact that the instances are sorted alphabetically rather than by their weight or width as it would make sense.
  3. How do you explain that I have this variable font listed with all the instances, then? Does MacOs generate them?
  4. Styles of font are sorted alphabetically and not how they are sorted in the font or by style's value. You can see example of this font https://www.futurefonts.xyz/jan-sindler/rotor that is sorted correctly inside, but still appears alphabetically sorted. The names of the first example range from 0 to 360 and I would like to see them sorted as I produced the font. The other example is font that is in progress, but you can already see the same problem. Alphabetical sorting. Those Bolds, Italic and Regular are even linked so they know about each other but still they appear sorted alphabetically. Bug thanks for supporting variable fonts, at least partially
  5. when leading == 0 and you fill text frame with lorem ipsum, it enters infinite loop. Please make it check if leading is set. Thanks
  6. This is not that should be even possible, I didn't do anything crazy and this happens? it's clearly a bug.
  7. Hi, I have seen that you have problems with GSUB substitutions in more situations. This is screenshot of Courier New, MacOs Mojave running latest Affinity publisher 1.8.2 The difference is visible, though the right - wrong case - is in text field. Looking into the font, I discover that it doesn't have any subsititutions, either kerning (monospaced). Is this done automatically by Affinity designer?
  8. I understand why you did it, ligatures lock text from tracking. I have designed a font where this is solved by changing f and l not by single glyph fl but by just chaning the f, as you can see in the atached picture. 1) user should have option to turn this off. If can, where can I do it? 2) it should be applied only on liga feature where two glyphs change with one glyph Thanks, Jan
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