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  1. Yeah - this can be done using the print to pdf option (and MS Print to PDF), but when ticking the boxes to add bleed and crop marks it pushes the page image to the right and bottom even when the page size is custom modified to account for the bleed and crop marks. So instead of having a centered page image, with an all around bleed and crop marks, you get a margin at the top and left, with bleed and crop marks on those sides, but the page image pushed into the bottom and right, so there are no bleed or marks on those sides (it also trims the page image slightly). If I print to a massive page size - like A3, it works fine. But If I enter a custom page size (adding the 18mm to account for 3mm bleed and crop marks), it doesn't work.
  2. Yeah - knowledge is something I am gaining slowly. It's a 32 page booklet, which has been written and laid out. At the moment what I'm interested in is how to take a document in page order, and place it in booklet format. I can print to pdf as a booklet no worries, but doing that (at least with MS Print to PDF) leaves off the bleed and crop marks, even when both are selected in the printer options, and the page size is adjusted to accommodate them.
  3. They could have done the imposition for me, but I wanted to learn how to organise a file to be print ready - they gave me the details they wanted - which included a 3mm bleed and crop marks.
  4. Yes, they did want a print ready file, which they described as imposed, and gave me the details for the bleed, as well as asked for crop marks to be included. I could have asked them to do it (for a price), but I also wanted to learn how to do it myself for future projects as well. Apologies for not replying sooner - I had hit my forum post limit for the day!
  5. There is an additional cost for them to do the imposition. While I'm not adverse to paying for that, I wanted to try and research, and learn how to prepare the file myself.
  6. I know I can use the 'Print PDF' option to create a PDF in booklet format. What I can't do is print a PDF that contains bleed and crop marks properly. It would be wonderful to have a feature that would allow me this as a part of the export function - to be able to export a document into a PDF with the option of creating it as a booklet, properly imposed and as a printer ready file with the printer marks displayed.
  7. I'll try that. Thank again for all your help. I wish I could export a PDF as a booklet in printer format - perhaps something that will be added at some point.
  8. Cheers Joachim - if I got Adobe can I print to it from Affinity like MS PDF Printer?
  9. No - I have a 32 page document laid out in page order. I want to create a booklet PDF to be sent to a printer, which includes the bleed and crop marks. I can print a PDF into booklet format, but every time I go to add the bleed and trim, it doesn't display. When I increase the page size (as advised above) to accommodate the bleed and crop marks, it pushes the spread into the bottom right corner as displayed above. It works if I set the page size to something like A3 - where the spread displays centered, but if I adjust to a smaller size (A4 Extra, or Custom size), it doesn't center the spread (again, as above).
  10. Oh - I use Microsoft Print to PDF. I am about to check those settings and see if there's something ticked or checked there that should be modified.
  11. Apologies for the late reply. I've attached both the .afpub file and the exported PDF from that file showing the same issue as above. I don't doubt I have some setting or something I have missed, I just can't find what I am doing wrong. Help-test.pdf Corsairs - Help.afpub
  12. Yep - I reset the page sizes a bunch of times, but every time the document itself was pushed into a corner and the margins on the top and left got larger.
  13. Yes, I made the paper size custom, and added 6mm on both dimensions, but the 'page image' remained in the bottom right corner of the PDF, with the 6mm on the top and left margins (rather than 3mm all around). Edited to say the 6mm was top and left margins.
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