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  1. Has anybody found ready profiles for Affinity Photo and Capture One for this tablet?
  2. please put it on a list, as it could be great and very useful feature
  3. I use Portrait Pro as plugin and it works perfect with Affinity.
  4. Hi! I have imported some LUTs to my iPad and made a preset from all of them inside a program. Is it safe to delete all those heavy .cube files now and all my presets should stay there, right? Please explain what the difference between LUTs and presets in this case? another question, if there are some ready presets available for Affinity in form of presets like for Lr or styles for Capture One? Or only option is LUT, which is very heavy on memory...?
  5. Folks, have you seen any commercial macros like Beatify panel for Ps? Something for skin retouching...?
  6. hi folks! Where I am wrong here? If I choose paint brush tool, nothing changes...no reaction on my painting on mask....
  7. yes, that's exactly what I wanted! thank you so much!!!
  8. that's already very good news! Please find a way to transfer LUTs as presets from desktop to iPad and opposite, it is very handy feature
  9. another question. If I do it again manually on iPad, what takes me hours of work, do they stay there after any update of software?
  10. Hi folks! I have imported some LUTs and saved as presets on desktop version of Affinity Photo. Is there any way to transfer them into iPad version to save time?
  11. Wow, really? Any video tutorial, how to change brush form?
  12. Please add possibility to change brush form, not only circle as we have it now, but also any form like oval. sometimes its easy to work this way when retouching
  13. hi! Can somebody explain me, why I get upper panel like that during my work? items on right side coming out of screen and I can reset upper panel to normal state only after reloading Capture One...
  14. Lee, just made a test, still greyed out, no way to use it...
  15. But I dont have iCloud... and I am not always online. I have my LUTs stored on iPad (iFiles)...
  16. Yes, looks like only solution is to save every LUT as separate preset and it will probably land somewhere inside adjustments configuration file
  17. Folks, have a problem. I have so LUTs on my iPad, but if I try to import them from Affinity, they are grey out...no way to import. Same LUTs I use on desktop version. Any ideas?
  18. have you found any solution? I am in the same boat now)
  19. so any information about folder, where we save our LUTs as presets? Same problem. Got some LUTs, but have to save them one by one separately, want backup them!
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