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  1. In my document of 233 pages, when I try to switch out of facing pages the entire program crashes. As this was happening in the previous version of publisher, I downloaded the BETA version, but the crash still occurs.
  2. In trying to unzip the files, I'm getting this message:
  3. I had to print it quickly so changed the page. It appears that this only happened when I tried to put the number and arrow over the image. The numbers were small but for some reason a huge black circle ended up printing. I found it in another manual. Here you go! bad page.afpub
  4. I'm working on a 300 page manual that originally was a PDF file. A couple of the pages that I have worked on now have large black circles printing rather than the arrow and numbers that were added. This only has happened on about 5 pages. What can be done to fix this? Scan_20200120_104246.pdf
  5. I am having problems with the ruler guide showing. I click on the vertical ruler and try dragging out a guide, but nothing appears. Under view, show guides and show rulers are all checked. This feature worked two days ago but is not working today. I've closed the program and reopened but nothing has changed. Any thoughts? Help? Thank you! DJ
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