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  1. Installed but just getting the splash screen and then crashs. Reverted back to to get a stable version
  2. Ive been having the same problems as you guys, However Ive just loaded the latest Beta 1.91.952 , Didnt open first but tried again with CTRL key held down, cleared defaults and now opens OK.
  3. Ive just installed 1.91.952 and touch wood this opened at the second attempt. First time I hels the ctrl key down and cleared back to defaults. Will keep you posted
  4. When I try to open 1.9 I just get the splash screen then it shuts down . Same with the beta version. So Ive gone back to 1.85 for now till the bugs are sorted
  5. Tried this , unistalled previous beta it wouldnt overwrite just said setup failed After installing new beta its just the same, splash screen then quits even with CTRL key held down
  6. Hi Chris. I'm using a NVidia Geoforce card , drivers are updated. Windows is updated . Ive reinstalled software and all works ok. Do you suggest I try 1.9 again.
  7. Ive installed the update and now it wont run. Just shows the splashscreen for about 5 secs and then disapears. Ive tried uninstalling the programme and reinstalling but no differance. Running win 10
  8. Hi I'm Microvent and a long time user of Adobe products but sick of paying per month. Looking forward to getting my head round Affinity
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